nework marketing company in india
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Top 15 Network Marketing/MLM companies in India.

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Network Marketing companies in India in 2021 is the main discussion of our topic today. So basically there are many myths about network marketing which I have talked about in some other articles. Before reading this, you should know what is Network Marketing? What is Network Marketing? Network Marketing is also known as Multi-Level Marketing is a chain, pyramid or you can say generation plan where you are recruited as…

digital marketing quotes
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31 Quotes on digital marketing to inspire you in 2021.

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Quotes for Digital Marketing freak Digital marketing is like the ocean which is still uncovered by the majority of the people. People who are into digital marketing know the potential it has in the market. If you’re already into digital marketing or if you’re thinking of starting a new website for digital marketing then you are at the right place because we provide the information that you need to be…

importance of digital marketing
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Importance of Digital Marketing for Startups

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Importance of Digital Marketing for Startups: Are you planning to start a business or you have just put your feet in the world of startups? Then by now you should also be aware of the challenges that a start faces in the market. A startup faces challenges like competition, capital, branding, customer trust, etc. But one of the most common challenges that most of the startups faces is-“marketing”. These days…

web designer
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7 steps to become a Web Designer in 2021

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The demand for a web designer is increasing with the coming year as many businesses are opting to go online as it has turned out to be easy for them to gain popularity quickly and effectively. So, there will be many opportunities waiting for the new web designer in the future. If you wish to be a web designer or you already have web designing experience but have no idea…

Content Marketing quotes
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30 unique content marketing quotes to boost your confidence.

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People often get demotivated on making new content when they run out of ideas which the only reason why they fail to succeed. That is why we have collected some of the best content marketing quotes to make your day and improve your creativity. It has been said by Bill Gates that “Content is king” and yes it is but it is not only the king, it is the backbone…

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Google knowledge Graph and why you need it for SEO.

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What is Google Knowledge Graph? Google launched its own knowledge graph on 12 May 2012, after the successful launch of Schema Markup which was founded by Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Yandex. It is similar to schema markup but it is Google’s own stored data to find the best-related data quickly and effectively on the search result (SERP). Now what is Google Knowledge Graph, it is basically a database of billions…

importance of digital marketing
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Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

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Choosing the right kind of marketing is very important as you would be investing your money, efforts, and resources in it. And in this era where everything is on the internet(of course marketing too), one of the biggest questions that arise for businesses is which type of marketing or which way of marketing they should choose? aka “traditional marketing vs digital marketing”. Well, that’s not such a tricky question, because…

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What is Schema Markup? why is it important? Beginner Guide

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One of the most useful sources of ranking high on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) is using the Schema Markup vocabulary which is a type of detailed description in a short form to give a basic idea of the article or any blog post. Schema Markup is structured data which are written in the HTML form in order to give a detailed view of an organization or any person…

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6 Types of SEO, Definition, & Benefits, 2020 . BEGINNERS GUIDE.

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Definition of SEO Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of directing the organic traffic to the websites or WebPages that are related to the keyword used by the user in order to find the best webpages that are trustworthy. In simple words, SEO is a process in which WebPages are optimized in such a way that it gets free organic traffics from the search engines for the targeted keywords.…

Content Marketing quotes
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What is Content Marketing ? it’s benefits in 2021

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What is Content Marketing? The Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as: … a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. Content Marketing is that form of digital marketing which is not about promoting or marketing a product or service or for making a sales pitch. It is more about…