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With the increase in online marketing and online businesses, 2020 seems to be a promising years for new entrepreneurs and also for people who are looking for ways to make money. Many businesses have launched their own app and providing an easy access to their products. But did you know that you can actually make money with apps without investing any money. Though this money can’t make you rich but you can make a decent amount of money with those apps. From reading to watching an ads you can make an extra dollar for your use. Afterall who doesn’t want to make free money and fill their pocket.  These apps pays money on market research, video advertising to sharing their apps with others  where you get points or cash on completion of your given task or work. You need to spend a lot of time on these apps; if you are ready to invest your time then you should definitely try some of this app. You should spend time on these apps only when you really need extra money, otherwise we recommend you to take classes to improve your skill if you want to make money for long term.

We have done our research on all of these apps to bring you the best money making app available so that you can earn money. But don’t blindly trust any apps as it may scam you and ask you to pay money for registration fee. Don’t fall for any such easy money making trap as you may lose your hard earned money. Before installing any apps always read the comments on the app and the rating given to it. This trick may help you to know the genuine app. So, without wasting your time let’s   see what are the apps that you can use to make money.

  • Toluna
  • Service on the go
  • Google opinion Reward
  • Userfeel
  • Foap
  • Swagbucks
  • Getaround
  • Drop App
  • Money app
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Toluna Inflencers

make moneywith apps Toluna is a market research app that works on surveys but you can also make money by choosing other tasks that would be given to you. Toluna influencers are well known global survey community which is owned and run by market research powerhouse, Toluna Group. They have millions of surveying members who works on various variety of market research and brings revolution for the biggest brand worldwide. Toluna app is a great app to try out and if you want to make a decent amount of money then you can surely try it. It is certainly not a scam but surely you won’t get rich out of it. So, you can surely try this app and also they provide 1$ for every download so there it is go and try it. It is globally available and free to download, they don’t charge any money but sometimes many fake creators create similar apps to trick people so be careful before downloading. Currently it is rated 2.9 on Google play store which is quiet low compared to other apps. If you have a PayPal account then you can redeem from it otherwise you have to create an account on PayPal to receive the money.

Service on the Go

  This app is one of the highly rated money app and it pays you on the surveys that you take.  Service on the go is also a  market research app who also works on surveys. They pay you on the surveys that you took and claim to provide quick money. This survey app will pay you with actual money and you don’t require collecting points. You can make money ranging from 1$-5$ on the app but you can also make money upto 10$ depending upon the surveys that you choose. You can redeem the money when you earn atleast 10$ which is the minimum requirement. It is a totally save app to install and it has got 4.3 rating on Google play store and received many positive review.  You can redeem the money through PayPal account.

Google opinion reward

  With Google opinion reward you rate different products or different ads; most likely you give an opinion about it. You can obviously trust Google as they would not like to destroy their reputation but you only earn money ranging from 1$-10$ for every question depending upon the survey you get. The questions may be anything; it may be questions like which logo is best, or which promotion is more promising? Etc.  You only have to answer simple and quick surveys and earn Google credits to your account with Google opinion rewards. This app is created by the Google survey team to promote brands and provide opinions on the ads or products. Now the question is whether Google Opinion Reward is worth it or not, well if you can spare a little time to answer a small survey then it is definitely worth every penny. It is currently rated 4.3 on Google Play store and 4.7 on Apple IOS store.


make moneywith apps Userfeel is a remote usability testing app that can be done on desktop, mobile and Laptop. You can make money through this app by testing various apps or websites and record videos and audios. Basically you need to give your opinion about the app or the site and send the video back to the server. It can be used worldwide and provides multi-lingual testing sites so that you can choose your own language that you are comfortable with. Here what you need to do is, you need to test a site given to you and the app records the screen and voice that you are going to test and are required to send the video back to the server and through which they pay you for your opinion. It is currently rated 3.1 on Google play store and 4.3 0n Apple IOS store. If you think you can give your opinion on various websites or apps then you can definitely download it and try it.


  If you are fond of photography but have no idea of how to make money through clicking pictures then Foap is a great platform even for average photographers to sell their photos. You can sell your photos through Foap market at Foap app. It is available worldwide so every aspiring photographer can sell their best photos to top brands at the Foap market. Many top brands look out for pictures and they pay a good amount of money if they like your photos. You just have to create your own portfolio on the app for buyers to view your profile and you can also get feedbacks from other Foap users so that you can improve the quality of your photos and attract more buyers. It is currently rated 3.2 on Google Playstore 4.5 on Apple IOS store.


make money with apps Swagbucks is one of the most famous app through which you can make money. It is quiet easy to use and can make you quiet a good amount of money if you spend time on their app or website. What you need to do is just answer some surveys, or watch entertaining videos, or similar other tasks that would be given to you. You get certain rewards or points which is called SB rewards, it is basically a Swagbucks digital currency and if we convert it to dollars then it would be 100SB= 1$. You can redeem it through PayPal or you can also redeem it as Gift Cards and can redeem it as low as 300SB. You can earn anywhere between 200-400 SB per day if you spend 2-3 hours a day which is quiet good for making money. It is currently rated 3.9 on Google Playstore.  


make money with apps If you have a car but don’t frequently use it and are looking for ways to make money then Getaround is a great app to rent your car and earn a good amount of money. You make a detailed profile of your car and rent it to whoever is available to drive. They fully insure your car so that you don’t get a heart attack if anything happens to your car. They basically pay you 60% of the rental rate on a monthly basis through PayPal or any other banking system and keep 40% to themselves. This may sound a little disturbing but you get full insurance and roadside assistance which are included when you rent your car. Getaround claims that some owners make money upto 833$ per month. So, if you can make money just by renting your car then you should definitely try it once. It is currently rated 3.8 on Google Playstore and 4.8 on Apple store.

Drop App

make money with apps Drop is a free loyalty reward apps where you can earn cashbacks on online shopping. Yes, you can make money while shopping online from any online stores like Amazon, starbuck etc.  Whenever you shop online, use this app  and revieve rewards from it. You certainly don’t get rich using it but you can use it for an extra small income. It is currently rated 4.6 on Google Play store and 4.7 on Apple store.

Money App

  Money app is also a market research app where you have to give your opinion, answer some surveys, testing services, playing games etc. You just have to open an account and start answering the survey to recieve rewards for completing the task and you can redeem it through PayPal as cash. It is a good app to make money infact all of the above are great apps to use if you are looking for ways to make money through apps. You get a wide variety of task and the best thing is that on completing each task they pay you different amount of money depending on the task that you receive. It is currently rated 4.5 on Google playstore and 4.9 on Apple store.


  Airbnb made it easy for travelers to book rooms that are locally hosted. You can earn money with Airbnb if you rent your house or rooms for travelers then you get paid for it. You don’t need to open a hotel for the guest, you can simply rent your house or even offer your services as a tour guide for the guest. It is upto you to choose but if you have a spare room which you don’t use much then you can surely rent your house or rooms to make some money. Airbnb app made it more easier for users to use it by launching their own app. It is currently rated 4.6 on Google playstore and 4.7 on Apple store. Also you can read 10 ways to be rich in 2020, Millionaires secret. If you liked the post, please comment below..