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We all look out for ways of getting rich overnight but the truth is that you don’t get rich by thinking about it. What we mean is that you have to work for it and keep pushing yourself. There are thousands of people out there who will tell you multiple ways of how to get rich overnight and then trick you to buy their own product. Yes, they can become rich overnight but you’ll become poorer. So, don’t fall for all those fake Gurus and invest your money on their online courses. If you have a laptop and a connection, you are already lucky and a step closer to getting rich. Internet is a deep blue sea for new entrepreneurs and there are numerous ways of getting rich. how to be rich

It is really easy to be RICH in 2020 as every business is going for online marketing and there are many platforms for online business that you can start. You can surf the internet for high paying skills or business that you can start now and you’ll get many articles on it. If you’re in your 20’s or 30’s then it is the right time for you to start a business as you’re still young to live your dream life. It doesn’t mean that people are only happy if they are doing business. No, it means you can live the life which you wanted and that’s what makes people happy to be rich.

You can do your 9-5 jobs and save 10% of your income for future. But let’s be honest what will you do with that money when you retire. You already become too old to travel and eventually you would get tired and weak. So, Start your side hustle along with your job and make a profit out of it. One of our friends who is now a millionaire and living his dream life told us 10 simple ways that he used to sacrifice to get where he is today. So, we have thought of sharing this knowledge so that it helps you to get rich and live your dream. Learn from the mistakes and from the secrets that millionaire’s used to get them where they are today. But let us be clear on a point, it will be really tough at the beginning but if you stay consistent at your work then you will slowly see the growth. Here are the 10 things that you should sacrifice if you want to be rich in 2020 that you should apply today,  

1.     Sacrifice some sleep

sleep Yes, if you want to be rich you have to sacrifice some sleep that doesn’t mean you have to sleep for 4-5 hrs. You can sleep for 6 hrs which is the ideal hrs to sleep and wake up early to do the work. Research says that waking up early gives you an extra boost to work. This is the reason why you should sacrifice some sleep and work on yourself if you want to be rich.

2.     Stop pleasing others

  One of the main reasons why most people are unsuccessful is because they can’t stop pleasing others. They make themselves feel inferior to others and loses their self esteem. One should have a great self esteem and self confidence if they want to be rich in future. When you lack self confidence you tend to doubt yourself and eventually you doubt yourself being successful.

3.     Invest in yourself

invest in yourself Start investing in yourself; start to learn something new it may be a new course or a new skill. But start from somewhere, it will help you in overcoming the problems that would occur in the future. Why investing in yourself is important is because you are the resource of your income, if you educate yourself and develop your skill in the process. It will help you increasing your value and bring more opportunities in the future to prosper and help you connect with more people. Also try to invest some money for future utility so that you don’t go broke in the future if your business doesn’t work out. It doesn’t mean you will go broke but better save then sorry.

4.     Stop being materialistic

  Yes when we think of becoming rich, we also think of buying expensive cars, bikes etc. But most people don’t know but these are just liabilities and it will only just make you poorer. It is good to be materialistic but if you don’t have the money and you buy cars, or bikes under finance then it will only lower your money and make you poorer. So, until you are earning a good amount of money and at the same time investing only then buys a decent car. Everybody wants to live a luxurious life but nobody wants to work for it. If you want to be rich it is very much necessary to be cautious of what you’re buying and a make a list of your expenses so that you keep a track on your monthly expense. Researches say that when people are more materialistic they tend to experiences depression, anxiety, and feel low most of the time. You got your reason why you should not be a materialistic, now it is upto you to decide what would you do.

5.     Stop using Social Media/Netflix for wasting time

social media. It may sound harsh but if you want to be rich you have to sacrifice your FB, Instagram, and Netflix. These are all just distractions that won’t help you gain more wealth. It does not mean that you should delete your account or not use it at all. What we mean is that you can use those accounts for your own growth. In simple word, Social Media is great platform if you are using it for your benefit and at the same time it can be the worst platform if you are just wasting your time on them.

6.     Stop thinking of Losing

  Failure is a process of learning and success so whenever you fail at something, don’t give up thinking you won’t succeed next time. If you dream to become rich then one thing you should sacrifice is the fear of losing. Once you overcome your fear you will see changes within yourself and become more confident in facing future problems that may occur.

7.     Learn from other’s mistakes

  The one thing that makes a man great is he learns from the mistakes he made and don’t risk of repeating them. It is more important if you want to be rich that you learn from other people’s mistake as well because what mistakes they may teach you many lessons which would help you to build a successful business. You can never be rich if you can’t learn from the mistakes of others.

8.     Invest your Money

invest money Let your money grow and live a financial free life that you always wanted. Investing your money is always a great step if you want to be rich. Rich people they don’t buy unnecessary things that would make them poorer. They invest most of their money to grow their business or to grow their wealth. Invest on something that helps to make your money grow and doubles in future. There are many platforms where you can invest your money like mutual fund, opening RD in banks or opening FD in banks for future secure. They provide you decent amount of interest that grows as time increases.

9.     Read Books

read books

Why reading books is very important is because it teaches you many things and helps you to be more discipline in life. If you are one of the person who don’t read books daily then you should consider reading books if you want to be rich. You can learn so many things from top business and it can teach the mistakes they made and also give you a guidance to grow your business. Many rich people read books regularly and are getting richer because of it.

10. Be Happy

  The last tip to be rich is just being happy of what you’re doing. Love your work, embrace it like your own kid and do things that make you happy. Only happy people are rich by heart and wealth. If you don’t love your work then it means you’re doing something wrong. Well these were the 10 ways if you want to be rich and we hope it helped you in some ways. Leave a comment below if you have any query.