Everyone gets bored sometimes. Being bored is not fun. Boredom can be a very good distractor and can lead to the temptation of taking a nap and chilling. But there are several things more productive than taking a nap or chilling. Here is our list of,

22 Productive things you can do when bored


1. Learn a new language.

loading Learning a new language is super productive and beneficial for an individual. It has many benefits like learning about other people’s cultures, connecting with them, getting career advances, and all.  It boosts confidence and being a polyglot is super beneficial improves your vocabulary and communication skills.

2. Clear your computer.

Don’t we all have those junks on our computer that we are just delaying to clear? So, clean your computer and devices when you have the time. Because it just reduces the technical speed issues of your device and makes it less of a mess. Sort the files accordingly, and delete the ones which are not needed.

3. Check your emails.

I know that checking your emails without their necessities to do is not productive.  But here I am asking you to check the emails which seem irrelevant, promotions and advertisements. Check them, unsubscribe to the unhelpful ones and delete the junk. I personally feel a lot more light and comfortable in opening my email after clearing it.

4. Practice writing with your left hand.

And for the left-handers; practice writing with your right hand. It’s about writing with a hand you don’t write with. It is very good for your creativity. Working with both hands increases the size of the corpus callosum( the part that connects the two halves of the brain), which in turn increases the ability to use both halves of the brain.

5. Read a book.

please wait Reading, an activity you hear almost everywhere around productivity. Reading has multiple benefits like it improves the vocabulary, creativity, builds empathy, provides knowledge, reduces stress, and much more. Read your favorite book or a book someone suggested to you which is stuck in your reading list for a long time. Instead of scrolling through your Instagram( which feels awesome) read a book you won’t regret it.

6. Join an online course.

productive Join an online course for the skills that you need or always wanted to learn, but you were delaying and never got a chance to learn. Join an online course and learn from it in your free time. It’s the best thing to do when bored because you are learning something new, improving your resume, maybe following your passion instead of wasting your time and getting nothing done.

7. Create a playlist.

please wait Create a playlist or even multiple playlists according to your different moods. Like a playlist that increases your focus and motivates you, a one with the music that gives you peace, for the gym, etc. Pick the songs, sort them accordingly, and make the playlists.

8. Write a letter to your future self.

letter Write a letter to your future self. Decide which future self you want to write a letter for like 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, etc. While writing a letter to your future self you will create a vision of yourself in that time because you have to interact and talk to a person that is 5 years ahead of you in life, age, experience, and achievements. So, it gives you (aka the present self) the idea of where you see yourself in 5 years, which acts as a motivator towards your long term goals.

9. Watch tutorials.

please wait Watch various tutorials of your interest, something you need, or something that you have been wanted to try out. Like DIY, makeup tutorials, workout videos, productivity videos, educational videos, etc. Learning through videos is a very effective learning method. So, optimize your time by watching helpful tutorials.

10. Meditate.

please wait Meditation is great for the mental and physical wellbeing of a person. Meditate in your free time. There are several types of meditations like mindful meditation, spiritual meditation, focused meditation, movement mediation, etc. Do the one which you like and find the bests for you. Meditation helps in increasing focus, reducing stress, organizing your thoughts, etc.

11. Be artistic.

please wait Be artistic in your free time. Do any activity that brings out the artist inside you. Play guitar, piano, sing, dance, draw paint, cook. I draw mandalas in my free time, it feels so soothing and is a stress buster. Being artistic is an amazing way of connecting to yourself. You don’t have to be an expert, you just need to do something you like. Try things out/ experiment.

12. Exercise.

please wait Exercise is super effective for increasing one’s productivity. It increases the energy levels, reduces stress, fights fatigue, builds discipline, improving mood, and improve your overall well being. In the times when you are bored and got nothing to do than exercise for the time being.

13. DIY something.

please wait Create something for yourself or for someone else. It enhances your creativity and you learn something fun and new. It reduces stress levels. And you are actually creating something new on your own, which is a big accomplishment on its own.

14. Plant something.

please wait Planting something new in your garden has many more benefits than being a good view to the eyes or to benefitting nature. Planting helps us psychologically to believe and to hope. It builds our connection with nature, which is an optimum example of hope and positivity. So, next time you are bored and free go in your garden and some new members to it.

15. Declutter your wardrobe.

please wait Declutter your closet. Your surroundings have a great effect on you. Having an untidy wardrobe has zero benefits. Organize your wardrobe, iron your clothes, take out stuff that is not useful and donate it, arrange your closet properly. It helps in reducing stress and anxiety, improves sleep, makes you productive, and saves lots of time and energy while picking stuff from there.

17. Go for a walk.

please wait Going for a walk in your boring times is very good. Take a walk on your terrace, on your lawn, or outdoors( maintain social distancing). It improves your mood, it is beneficial for your body, and helps you give some time to your thoughts.

18. Give time to Skincare and body care.

please wait Give your skin and body a good pampering session. Take a bath, do a skincare routine, shave and exfoliate yourself, apply your favorite face pack, get a massage, do a manicure or pedicure. Give your body something that is soothing for your body as well as your mental well being.

19. Click some pictures.

please wait Click some pictures for your social media, blogs,  or any other channel you share them with. Use the spare time to click lots of amazing pictures so, you don’t have to spend time again and again on them.

20. Write a journal.

please wait One of the activities I emphasize the most is writing a journal. Writing a journal has multiple benefits and everyone should do it. And the time when you are doing nothing and just getting bored is the best time to write down your journal. It helps you organize your thoughts, helps you connect with yourself, it enhances your creative potential, and much more.

21. Do self-analysis.

Analyze yourself when you are bored. Self-analysis is very productive. Isn’t it true that the person we least interact with and understand is ourselves? We either overestimates or underestimates ourselves. So, spend some time analyzing yourself, what are your strengths and weaknesses, what are the areas you need to improve, and what you actually feel like doing instead of stuff you are actually doing. Know yourself.

22. Revise your goals.

please wait When you have free time, instead of wasting it on unproductive activities focus and revise your goals. Revising your goals gives you a clarity of why, how, and when of your goals. It tells you what is important for you and what should your priorities the most. Revising your goals will also help in motivating you by reminding you of the reason/cause of why you started and what you want to achieve.


Try these things in your free time, that are productive and will give you amazing results than scrolling through your social media feed or taking a nap just because you feel you got nothing to do. Related: 9 Amazing Ways to Boost your Productivity.