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When you think of start earning as a student or housewife, or just an individual who wants to start a business, there are many things that you have to consider like, your time, various costs, place of work, work life balance and much more. So working from home is much more convenient. As you have a place for which you don’t have to pay, you are more comfortable there, you can set it up according to your needs and of course it provides an amazing solution to your work-life balance.

But if you are just starting your journey of work from home and you don’t have any idea of what you want to do. Then here are few work from home ideas that might help you in knowing and understanding the doors that are open for you.

Work from Home Ideas:


2. Affiliate Marketing.


4.Child Caregiver.


6.Copy Writing.

7.Editing and proofreading.



10.Graphic Designer.

11.Event Planner.

12.Data Entry.

13.Customer Service Representative.




17.Online Tutor.

18.Online Stylist.

19.Short Tasks.

20.Survey takers.

21.Homemade Crafters.


23. Social media Managers.



26.Virtual Assistant.

27.Virtual Public relation Representative.

28. Virtual Recruiter.

29. Web Developer.

30. Writing Gigs.

1. Blogging

make money blogging for beginner
Blogging is very inexpensive and easy way of working from home. It might take some time to grow and monetize your blog but it is worth growing. But it is as simple as writing a journal but can make a good amount of money.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is like referral marketing where you earn a commission. For example, you have a blog or a website and you refer to products from amazon. Then every time someone clicks and buy from your affiliate links you will be paid a certain percent of the sales.

3. Chef/Baker

work from home ideas
If you are passionate about cooking or baking, a catering business, being personal chef, opening a bakery are the best ideas for you. You can open these in your home and start selling among your contacts or online.

4. Child Caregiver

You can start child caregiver business from home you just need to obtain license and permits. You can offer the service for the whole day or for few hours it depends on you.

5. Expert

Its very trending for business or people to look for experts online for things where they are struggling. So, you can become an expert in a particular field because people will prefer choosing an individual who is an expert instead of  a whole company.

6. Copy Writing

You can earn up to six figures by writing copies for business. There are many online platform for freelance writers. You can try Fiverr and Upwork.

7. Editor and Proofreading

Platforms like Fiverr and Upwork also provide opportunities to editing and proofreading. People can hire you to edit there writing and to proofread their work before printing and publishing.

8. Consultant

You can also become a consultant if you have knowledge in a specific area and you think, you are capable of giving proper advice and help to other people for what they need.

9. Animation

Animators on Upwork make $25 to $106 per hour. If you think you are very artistic and creative or you have the knowledge of animation you can start working as a freelance animator.

10. Graphic Designer

work from home ideas
You can be start earning by creating logos, websites and visual ads for companies. You need some certificates and degree but you will be paid by your skills.

11. Event Planner

People out there are always looking for organized event planner for different occasions whether its marriage, engagement and birthdays. And if you have got the skills to manage and plan events  you are all set to go for it.

12. Data Entry

Its not the most exciting job to enter data for business but it is the most easy and simple to do work without any degree and qualifications.

13. Customer service representative

Do you have confidence in your communications skills and you patience as well? Because a Customer service Representative job requires both of them and a good network connection.

14. E-Commerce

(30 work from home ideas)
You can start e-commerce in different ways. Open your own e-commerce store or became an amazon seller( you can become seller on any e-commerce platform but in my personal opinion amazon is the best ). Sites like, Shopify and WooCommerce helps you launch your own online store quickly.

15. YouTube


Earning through YouTube is I think the one the most popular work from home idea.  You have create content that you like, or you are an expert in and you are all set. On YouTube you can earn by running ads or being paid by brands for promoting there products or services.

16. Instructor

Do you know yoga? Or can you change people’s shape? Can you play an guitar? Are you able to groom people? Or you can teach cooking? If the answer to any of these questions and other questions like these then you can earn money by instructing, training or teaching people at your home.

17. Online Tutor

You can become an online teacher by running your classes via skype, YouTube and you can also register as a tutor to sites like UrbanPro and if you are only interested in being freelance tutor, UrbanPro has that option or you can register to other freelance platforms.

18. Online Stylist

If you have knowledge and a sense of fashion then being an online stylist is in the list for you. You can earn average $15 per hour by styling your clients. Online styling will also open your door to YouTube, as fashion Vlogging is one of the all time popular topic.

19. Short tasks

You can get paid for completing various short tasks, like watching a video, watching ads, taking surveys, giving reviews etc. It won’t pay you a like a job would or like the other options but it is less time consuming and easy way of earning some extra bucks from home.

20. Survey takers

What’s easier than answering some questions and earning some extra bucks for your grocery shopping at least. Apps like Swagbucks and Toluna pay people for taking surveys in exchange of various coupons and Paypal cash. Its not much but it is an awesome way to earn some extra bucks to buy your groceries.

21. Homemade crafter

(30 work from home ideas)

You are good in crafting, creating stuff then a very direct advice for you- Open a store whether online or an in home store. People will pay for work creativity. You can work on personalized gifts and change things by your creativity.

22. Photographer/ Videographer

Got a camera, knowledge of photography or videography and Photoshop and if you are passionate and interested in photography and videography then start working with these skills. There are many ways you can earn as photographer becoming a freelance photographer, opening a studio in your home and there are also sites like Foap that will pay you for your pictures as well.

23. Social media manager

You can start making money by handling social media accounts of organizations and by creating an teaching social media strategy for them.

24. Renter

An extra room in your house, can bring you money every month. If you have an old car you are not using, or using less, then try to give it on rent, to traveling agencies, taxi driving company, or to car driving institutes.

25. Translator

Are you a multi linguistic( you can speak multiple languages) then you can give a try in being an interpreter. And start earning by translating documents or interpreting. Use your language skills to earn your pay check.

26. Virtual Assistant

If you are willing to reply emails, organizing things for someone, assisting with social media, managing schedules of people, and is good at calendar management then being a virtual assistant is a good job for you. You can make $10 to $15 per hour.

27. Virtual Public relation representative

The duties of promoting, managing crisis, and handling the public image of a business will make you a virtual PR Representative. Its a very good job. And is very popular among growing businesses.

28. Virtual Recruiter

It is same as an in home recruiter but here you have to look in the web for finding the right employee for the right job. You will be responsible and be the part of for screening, interviews and negotiations.

29. Web developer

If you have the skills to design and develop a website than earning money by creating a website from scratch can bring you 6 figures depending on your skills and your clients. You need knowledge of programming languages, UI & UX, analytical skills, etc. 

30. Writing Gigs

blog as a writer
We have already talked about Fiverr and Upwork in above points. But this way is bit different. It involve, copy writing, editing and proofreading works but it also include many other type of writing gigs like, content writing, article writing, resume writing, fiction and much more.

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Here was the list of 30 work from home ideas. I have tried including them from various industry and categories, so choose the ones that suits you and start your journey of work from home.