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51 Side hustle jobs that you MUST TRY in 2020.

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Everybody wants to increase their income as a side hustle jobs but doesn’t have the right guidance or the right knowledge to make an extra dollar. Having a side hustle is one of the many ways to get financial freedom and to live a peaceful life.

Personally speaking having a side hustle job is one of the best decisions you can make and reduce the stress of struggling to pay the bills. We all have been struggling for years to start our side hustle but very less people actually worked on it and make money from it.

I made the best decision to start a side hustle job with my college studies and searched for the best way to make a side hustle. But I didn’t found anything interesting at that time and so I wanted to help people know the easy way to start a side hustle. The beauty of this side hustling job is that you don’t have to work 8-10 hours to make an extra dollar. You can work when you feel like to work and you don’t require investing huge amount of money on it. These are simple business ideas that you can try on your spare time if you’re doing a 9-5 jobs or even a small business. Anyone can make money through these business ideas that you are going to start but it will require a little hardwork at the beginning. Most of them are easy to do and doesn’t require extreme hard-work to make money. So, before we get on to it, let’s discuss if side hustle jobs can actually make you financial free?

Can side hustle jobs make you financially free?

financially free The answer for this question would be a little complicated because obviously you can make extra money with side hustle but it depends on the platform that you chose to make a living. It depends on the platform that you chose and also how hard you’re working for that extra dollar. Side hustling jobs are not tough job to do but everything requires a little work if you want to make a extra dollar. Nobody gets rich without any hustle and hardwork even if you’re making side hustle, it still requires some work.  

51 side hustle jobs to make money


1.       Rent your house with Airbnb

airbnb If you have a spare room or an entire apartment which you don’t usually use, you can rent it on airbnb who will pay you for the room and give it to guest who travels from distant places. How much you can make money through            airbnb depends on the location of your apartment and the price that you fix for you room. If you have multiple apartments to rent than that can make you a very good amount of money. Side hustle job through Airbnb is a great step to make more than 1000$ a month which is quite high.

2.       Start a coaching class

coachingclass You can start a coaching class where you can teach your students if you’re a teacher,or even if you’re not a teacher you still can teach people. A coaching class can make you more than 2000$ per month depending upon the no of            students that you take and the amount of money you charge for your coaching centre. This is a great way to side hustle along with your school teaching or any job that you do.

3.       Teach people new languages

new languages If you’re good with multiple languages then there are various platforms online or offline where you can start teaching people new languages and make money from it. Thousands of people are looking for experts who are good in multiple languages to teach them in those particular languages. It is a good way to attract new people and you can also learn many things from them as well. How much money you can make depend on the people that join and also the money you charge. Through this side hustle job you can more than $1595 per month which depends on certain things.

4.       Find a good part time job

  Do a part job that fits your quality or that you think you can do. Find a part time job that can provide you a good amount of money and that suits your skills. There are many organizations who are looking for people who can do a part time job for them and they provide a good amount of money. Jobs like graphic designs, part time writer etc., all of them is looking for skilled person. If you don’t have the required skill to do any job then it is time for you to join a particular field that you love to increase your skills.

5.       Start blogging

blogging Blogging is a great way to start as a side hustling job and to make a good amount of money. It is painful and hectic at the beginning but eventually you’ll get used to it with time if you’re consistent with your work. I started my blogging when I was in my college life and I think it was the best decision I made. You can start your blogs now and write articles on the topic that you’re good at. Though blogging requires you to invest money on hosting and buying domains but you can start blogging on the free websites like With blogging you can make money more than $10000 a month which is huge money.

6.       Start Investing

stock market Currently if you’re earning money then you should start investing on things which you think can give you recurring money in the future.  Investing is very important if you want a side hustle that makes you huge amount of money. I started investing when I first started to earn some money and that’s how I multiply my own money through investment. You can make unlimited money if you invest on a profitable business that can make enough money to live a financially free life.

7.       Become a sports coach

sports coach Coaching is way better and fun to do as a part timer and a good way to make a side hustle. Many schools or colleges are looking out for sports coaches to teach their students. You can make a good income if you have a good sports background or have some knowledge on sports that you can teach.

8.       Start Affiliate marketing

  I have been doing affiliate marketing for ages now and it is one of the best way to make a side hustle where you don’t require selling products door to door. Affiliate marketing is basically a platform where you promote other company’s promote on your site or on any platform through a referral link that is provided to you by the company and whoever clicks on the link and buys product from that link then you’ll get a commission. Commission depends on the product that you chose to promote which can range from 1 % to 50%. One of the most popular affiliate marketing is the Amazon Affiliate program.

9.       Start a YouTube Channel

  YouTube has become the second most popular website other than Google itself. Every large and small business are starting their business on YouTube and you can only imagine how much money you can make through YouTube.

10.   Sell Printed T-Shirt on Amazon

  Selling your own printed T-shirt online or offline can make you more than $70000 annual revenue depending on the number of sales that you generated. You have to invest on the printing machine and T-shirts if you want to sell but the printing cost is very less compared to the profit that you would generate. This is one of the best side hustle job that you can make and generate huge amount of money.

11.   Open a repairing Services

  Start a new repairing shop as a side hustle job which can make you a good income. Repairing shops are in high demand as technology has taken over the world and almost everyone owns a car or any electronic gadgets. This can generate you more than $90000 annually depending on the business that you start on.

12.   Work as a freelancer

Freelancing Join a freelancing website where you can sell your skills for a good amount of money. The best known freelancing website is Fiverr where you can join for free and make your own business profile on it and start earning. You can make more than $150000 annual depending on the price of your service. Freelancing is a great way to start off a side hustle job if you think you’re good at particular field like web design, video editing, web optimization etc.

13.   Become part time photographer

photographer If you have a good skill in photography or even if you’re an average, you can promote yourself as a photographer for wedding or birthdays. It is a good way to make side hustles in which you can make good amount of money. There are many people who are looking for photographers that are locally available. You can make $500-$1000 easily for every event that you’re hired for.

14.   Deliver courier

  You can start delivering couriers to customer and start making some extra dollar. Though the money you would be paid is very little compared to other services but you can get tips from customer if they are nice to you. You can start this side hustle job without even having any skills or qualification to join.

15.   Singing teacher

  If you have a singing background or if you have the knowledge to teach people the right singing chord that is required to be a good singer. You can make a good amount of money if you start your singing classes and also have fun teaching it.

16.   Take surveys for companies

survey apps Many companies are out there looking for people who can give them a genuine feedback of their product which they are about to launch at the market. They pay you for every survey that you do and you can earn anywhere between  $10-$300 for each surveys. This is a great way to make a side hustle and there are many websites swagbuck, Toluna etc. where you can join for free to start your survey. If you don’t like to surf the side then you can download there apps.

17.    Open a small grocery store

  You could start your own grocery store and sell groceries that are required for the customer. People need food to survive and so many people are going to buy from your store. You can make more $50000 annually depending on the location and size of the store.

18.   Become a Uber driver

  If you have a spare time where you want to make a side hustle then driving for Uber would make you an extra dollar with your regular jobs. You can drive whenever you’re available and it does not matter whether it’s day or night. You can make more than $25000/ year with Uber driver.

19.   Dropshipping

dropshipping I love the concept of dropshipping where you can buy a product for low price and sell it at a higher price to make up the profit. Anyone can start a dropshipping business without investing a large amount of money. It can make you more than millions of dollar depending on the sales you make.

20.   Child Care

  You can take up the job for child care and make a good amount of money. You can register yourself on sites like sittercity for better client opportunities. This side hustle job can make you more than $2000 dollar a month depending on the status of your client.

21.   Car washing garage

  Start a small car washing garage as a side hustle job and make thousands of dollar. You can start your services in any places where you can find car washing customers easily.

22.   Travel Agent services

travel Start a travel agency and help people who are not getting their tickets easily or who has no idea on how to buy a flight ticket. Travel agency is a great way to start a side hustle as you charge an extra dollar for every ticket that you booked. You can make more than $60000 annual revenue.

23.   Drone Photography

  Promote yourself as a drone expert on social media or go to agencies that are looking for drone experts. People nowadays love making drone photography for their wedding parties or even the filmmakers are looking for drone experts. You can earn more than $3000 per month depending on the customer you get and the money you charge.

24.   Pet store

  People love pet dogs and cats, they are ready to spend thousands of dollars to buy the pet. You can start a pet shop that would generate you more than $70000 annual revenue which is huge for a side hustle job.

25.   Design website for customer

online business If you know how to create a website or to design then you can sell your skill to people near you who wants to build their own website. Go to stores or approach people and ask them if they want to build a website which can generate them more customers. You can also register yourself on freelancing websites like Fiverr and Upwork. You can earn money more than $100 per website which can make you a decent side income.

26.   Tourist Guide

  You can tour people if you’re comfortable with them and also you know the place very well. It is a great way as a side hustle job and you can earn a decent amount of money. You can earn $100 per day depending upon the tourist and if they tip you, well that’s an extra bonus.

27.   Voice-over For people

  Voice over are quite trending on YouTube and many content creators are looking for voice-over artist. So, if you are good as a voice artist then you can surely do it as a side hustle. You Can make $100-$200 per voice over. You can earn more if you get a good customer and also film-makers are looking for voice over artist and if you’re lucky then you would earn enough to live a free life.

28.   Handle social media for small business

social media You can offer your service to small businesses that are locally available and handle their social media. Most of the business owner are busy with their businesses and get very little time to run their social media account. So, you can offer them your services and also you can make a good amount of money. This is also a great way to start your side hustle job if you think you can handle them.

29.   Tutor people online

  Tutor people online over the skype or any video conferencing software and make some extra money from it. If you’re a traveler and looking for jobs that can make you money locally then online tutoring is a great way to make that extra money.

30.   Sell on Amazon

  You can start a small business on Amazon where you sell your own products or you can buy cheap products from other manufacturer and sell it on Amazon. This can make you more than $100,000 annual revenue which is a great amount of money considering it to be a side hustle job.

31.   Sell MLM companies products

businesss You could be a distributor for any MLM company and sell their product to make a side income. In any MLM company if you join someone under you then you would get a commission for recruitment by the company. But in order to earn huge amount of money through MLM companies then you have to join thousands of people under you.

32.   Food delivery

  Join a food delivery company like Uber Eats, Food Panda etc and make extra bucks for the day. Though you may not get rich by delivering food but you could be paid tips by the customer if they are nice. This side hustle job can make you $25 -$50 dollar a day depending on the location.

33.   Join Modelling

  Modelling industry are looking for fresh new faces every year and are ready to pay a good amount of money to their model. You could start modeling and earn an extra dollar for every photoshoot. Modelling is fun and also a good way for a side hustle job to make money.

34.   Plumber

  If you’re a US, UK, Australia based person then you can earn more than $20000 salary and if you’re from India then the salary would much lesser about Rs 13,000. Even if you’re new to plumbing, you can still earn $15000 salary. Plumbers are highly paid in U.s, U.K because not every person wants to be a plumber because most of them consider it to be a not worthy type job. This could be a worthy side hustle job if you want a good money.

35.   Pizza delivery boy

  We all know what pizza delivery boy do but the question is, will it be worth it as a side hustle job? Well ofcourse yes it can make you a good chunk of money for side hustling, though you may not get enough salary to make a living. But you may get a good amount of tips for every delivery which could be a deal breaker depending upon the location and the customer.

36.   Teach programming languages

  You can teach programming languages to people if you have any knowledge on this topic. Many people are taking the steps to learn programming languages to improve their skill and to design their own websites. This could get you more than $70000 annual revenue depending on the number of people that you teach.

37.   Become a DJ

  There are very less number of DJs who are actually successful in this field but you don’t need to be a famous DJ to start DJing. If you’re a good Dj, there are plenty of nightclubs or even house parties that look out for DJs.

38.   Pet sitter

  Many owners of dogs are searching to hire people who can take care of their dogs on a daily basis. You can get anywhere between $20-$40 per day or more depending on the person you’re hired by.

39.   Start Trading

start trading I personally love trading stock market as it gives me double the money I spend on stocks. If you know how to trade stocks then you can start trading to make it a big or even if you have very little idea you can still learn and then invest on it. There are many free courses online where you learn the basic of stock market.

40.   Hair stylist

  You could do it as a part time job along with your original job and make a good amount of money. Hair stylists are in high demand by people as they have cut off their hairs to look good. I mean who doesn’t want to look handsome. Join any parlor and become their hair stylist and do it as a side hustle job.

41.   Sell an Ebook

  Ebooks are gem in making money and if you’re good at marketing then it can make you more than $10000 a month. Write an Ebooks on the topic that you have knowledge and that you think can make you huge sales. Ebooks are great for a side hustle job and who wouldn’t love to make recurring money.

42.   Do a Podcast

  Podcast can bring you many audiences/customer where you can sell your product or your courses where you teach people on particular field. Many highly reputed entrepreneurs are doing Podcast because it gives them more opportunity to connect with people.

43.   Become a personal chef

  You can become a personal chef for people and cook for them as a part timer. Many single living people don’t know to cook and so are looking for chefs who can cook for them.

44.   Become an Instagram Influencer

  If you have good followers on instagram then you qualify to become a instagram influencer and many companies are paying huge amount of money to instagram influencers. If you don’t have many followers then you can try increasing it by asking other influencers to promote your page because it can be a good source of income.

45.   Sell your Logo design On DesignHill

  New companies or entrepreneurs are looking for good logo maker and are paying more than $100 per logo. If you think you’re good in Logo making and selling online then you should definitely do it as a side hustle job.

46.   Start your own food truck

  Food trucks are very fancy and people love eating from food trucks because it is more open and lower in price. You can start your own food truck in order to make a good side hustle. Though you have to invest on it but eventually it will pay off later in time.

47.   Home interior design

  Who doesn’t like to design their home beautifully, you can join any interior designing business and start designing interiors for people.

48.   Create an app

  A good App can generate you more than $80000 annual revenue so If you have good knowledge on app development then you can feature it on Google Playstore or Apple store to make a good amount of money. Obviously you won’t start earning right away and it will take sometime but it’ll be worth it.

49.   Teach Digital marketing

  If you have a good knowledge in digital marketing then you can sell your course which can generate you more than $100000 monthly. I consider it to be one of the best side hustle jobs that you can make. Some experience digital marketer is earning more than $1000000 a month.

50.   Sell your photos on Foap market

  You can sell your best photos on foap market and make a good side income. Even if you’re not a professional photographer, you can still sell your photos to top brands that are looking for good pictures.

51.   Become a Dog trainer

  Most of the people who buy dogs are not good at training them which is why they search for dogs trainers who can train them to train their dogs. If you have a good knowledge on training dogs then you can promote yourself locally as a good dog trainer.