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Why are you lazy??

how to stop being lazy   Laziness is the reason why you are lacking to have the perfect body you wished for or the successful life you ever wanted. Most of the people who are reading this article have searched on the internet to stop being lazy to get their work done on time but sometimes it is fine to be lazy if you’re not in the right mood. It happens to almost every living being on earth and it is common to most people. But if you take your laziness quite often to excuse yourself by not completing the work on time or not doing the work given on time then there is a serious problem that arises which you regret later and starts blaming yourself. This is one of the reasons why you start feeling lazier to complete your work done on time. There are 7 other reasons that make you lazy which I have listed below and if you find yourself in one of the categories then follow the steps to stop being lazy that I am going to tell you later in the topic. So, here are the 7 reasons why you’re still lazy.

7 reasons why you’re still lazy


1.       Social Anxiety

how to stop being lazy Almost 90% of the successful people you see today have had social anxiety and they feared people might judge them on the way they look or the way they talk, or maybe due to some other reasons. This social anxiety issue causes you to become lazier because it makes you feel awkward or it makes you hold back because you fear it might make you look dumb or stupid. It makes you think 100 times and hold you back to try something new because you’re afraid to take the step as it might ruin your image. Everyone has to go through the same issue and if you fear to make any changes from within then you might find yourself being lazy.  

2.       No Goals

  If you have not set any goals or if you don’t any ambition in life then eventually you’ll get lazy and depressed. If you have apathy or if you have no interest in anything then you might reconsider yourself because without goals people are directionless and as time goes by they become the worst of what they were.  

3.       Confusion

how to stop being lazy You might have noticed in some part of life when your life gets complicated or when your work gets confusing, you tend to leave the work and relax. Taking rest for some time is good but when things get complicated you not only take rest but your mind tells you to do the work next time because it gets too stressful for you to complete. The thing here is that you get lazy and the work is never actually completed.  

4.       Fear of trying something new

  You get lazy because you fear trying something new and rather find excuses of not facing new challenges and tell yourself that you can’t do something because you’re too afraid to try. Every new day in your life brings new challenges which you must face to get smarter and remove laziness from your life.  

5.       Regret of not doing

  You spend your entire day in regrets that you have not completed the work on time and eventually waste your time by not being productive and rather regretting it. You regret not keeping up with your colleagues or friends and you lose your faith in yourself which makes you lazier and spend your time wasting on binge-watching.  

6.       Feel tired

feeling tired Feeling tired most of the time can have a serious effect on your health as well as on your mind. It causes you to become lazier and you spend most of your time either on social media or on your bed. Feeling fatigued is one major reason why you may still be lazy and why you won’t be able to complete your work on time. It is not a common issue and it may happen to many of us due to overload of works or maybe due to some other reasons and it can be removed by exercising regularly, meditating, etc.  

7.       Low self-esteem

When you identify yourself as lazy and degrading yourself into thinking you’re not better at doing anything good then you become lazy which can affect your health and your state of mind. You can change your laziness by changing the way you think of yourself and making a good habit of positive self-talk.   These were the 7 reasons why you‘re still lazy and if you can connect with it then you must be going through the same phase but not to worry as I have listed out 5 proven ways that can stop you from being lazy and get you back on the track.  

How to stop being lazy?

  Sometimes it is fine to be lazy as you may get tired or you may want to spend your time lying on the bed. But it becomes problematic when laziness becomes your comfort zone and you let your laziness take control of your actions. But first, let me remind you that being lazy is not a big issue that you are facing, almost everyone has to deal with it at some stage of their life and the best thing is that you can stop yourself from being lazy by simply following the steps below.  

1.       Remove negative thoughts

negative thoughts Start by simply removing the negative self-talk and start filling it with the positive ones and you’ll find yourself in a much better state of mind than you were before. It only starts with the simple steps you take in your life to stop being lazy and start acting up to build yourself to the top. Negative thoughts can have deep mental issues which can lower your productivity and also lead you to regrets of not completing the work on time. So, whenever a negative thought comes to your mind replace it with a positive one, with time you will notice yourself being happier doing it than regretting it.  

2.       Take breaks during work

  Divide your work by taking small breaks as it could help you get your work done on time. Many people believe that working continuously could make you productive but that’s not the case however if you carry on doing the work without a small break after few minutes you may end up procrastinating and demotivated. There is nothing wrong with taking breaks, it can in fact increase your productivity and stop you from being lazy. Take the example of the 1/3rd rule, let’s say if you want to take a 10-minute break then work for 30 minutes to reward yourself that extra 10 minutes. In this way, you can take advantage of your laziness and use it to motivate yourself to achieve that wonderful 10 minutes reward.  

3.       Stop being perfect

stop being perfect According to the researched data published in the Psychological Bulletin, where they analyzed a group of different generations (Lt. the 1980s-2016) for perfectionism found an increase in perfectionism in the current generation compared to their older generations. They analyzed data from 41,641 Canadian, American, and British students belonging to different generations. The study shows that the use of social media has caused the current generations to perfect themselves by competing with others which causes them to have health issues, laziness, stress, depressions, etc. So stop being perfect and concentrate on the good things that you have, it will help you to stop being lazy in the future.  

4.       Set a Goal

goals Having a goal automatically increases the chances for you to be happy in life, without a goal set and without any ambition you’ll only get lazier and increase chances of feeling apathetic towards everything. So, if you want to stop being lazy, find yourself a goal that matches your ambition to fulfill your dreams. Make a list of things you want in life and the time that you want that thing to be accomplished, it’ll make you clearer of what you want or desire.  

5.        Remove negative people from your life

  Negative people often bring you down to their level and tell you that you can’t achieve your goals which can cause depressions, stress, etc. This may not be a good idea for you to stick around them. It will only make you lazier and you start wasting your precious time without being productive. If you want to achieve your goals start by removing negative people from your life, it will help you to stop being lazy and become more productive towards your goal.  

6.       Follow the 3-second rule

  Most of the time, we often get distracted by social media or by our laziness while we try to work. This is common among people as our minds are not used to taking heavy workload and tells us to do the work later which we regret later on. It is quite easy for us to get distracted, sometimes we don’t feel like working, or sometimes we get lazy to just wake up and get out of bed. If you don’t feel like doing anything no matter how organized you are, you won’t do it because our brains are wired to protect us from harm and they are quite good at it. So, if you want your work to be completed on time then follow the 3-second rule. Now, what is the 3-second rule, it is quite simple all you need to do is count to 3 and get up, go back to work without having a second thought. Whenever you feel like getting distracted just count to three and get back to work. It will help you to motivate yourself and get your work done on time.