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The demand for a web designer is increasing with the coming year as many businesses are opting to go online as it has turned out to be easy for them to gain popularity quickly and effectively. So, there will be many opportunities waiting for the new web designer in the future. If you wish to be a web designer or you already have web designing experience but have no idea on how to get a better salary to match your skills. This is the right platform for you to know but before that let’s know what is web design?

What is Web design?

  Web design is simply referred to as the designing of the webpages to make it look pleasing in the eyes of the users. In web designing, we focus on the front end of the webpages by optimizing the looks and the structure of the website to make it easier for the audience to crawl through your webpages. The role of a web designer is to make the website look good on the internet and work on the layouts of the website. It is very important for a web designer to have the basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and other languages in order to work on the layouts and also to make its appearance stand out from the rest.

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7 steps to become a Web designer

web design So, you want to be a website designer to pursue your career in this line. It is one of the most demanded industry and many business owners are hiring web designers to design their websites. We have brought you 7 steps to become a web designer in 2021,
  1. Understand if web designing is the right choice for you
  2. You should have visual designing knowledge
  3. Enhance UX
  4. Learn the skills
  5. Enhance your communication skills
  6. Be Confident
  7. Make a Website for your Portfolio

1.     Understand if web designing is the right career for you

The first thing you should know is whether web designing is for you or not. In order to continue your career in this line, you should know the basics of web designing. It could get tougher as you start understanding and learning to code and you may end up regretting yourself for choosing this career. Though you may not find it tough, instead you enjoy learning and coding which is a great sign that you’re on the right track. Always consider yourself knowledgeable before choosing your profession because without interest you may not succeed in any field.  Web designing is an interesting profession that can lead you to be a brighter future. It does not matter whether you want to be a freelancer or work under some organization to work as a web designer. It is very important for you to know the basic knowledge of web designing to pursue your career as a web designer.

2.     You should have visual designing knowledge

  Web designing is not just about coding and visually appealing a website where you optimize it to look good in appearance. The main quality that differentiates a web designer from the rest is to have visual ability to designing a website. Visual design usually refers to digital products, having a creative mind, designing a website according to people’s choice of content. Now the question arises of how to develop yourself to have a creative mind and understanding what your client wants. Well, some people are inborn talented and some develop this skill for their benefit. There are many ways to increase your visual creativeness, first is breakdown the category of the client’s requirement, for example, say they want a site designed for kids, the thing is kids like a more colorful website and more cartoonish design which make them attracted to it whereas if you want to create a website designed for adults, they will have a taste for more pale color. So, enhance your visual skills to know more about what your audience wants from you.

3.     Enhance UX

  Now what does enhance UX means right, UX stands for User Experience and it is the one of the main reason why you must enhance your skill to work on the user experience. If the user doesn’t find it easy to crawl through pages, they may not want to return to your site again. Basically, you need to work on the structure of the webpages like content colors, font, background design, and many more. This could lead you to a better-looking website and experiment with your site to different looks and see what people like about it. Also, create a sitemap to your website to make it easier for you and for Google and also for your users to find your content easily.

4.     Learn the skills (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.)

  It is very important for you to learn the skills of web designing if you want to carry on in this industry. HTML is one of the languages that must know to create the content on the webpages. HTML basically stands for hypertext markup language where you need to learn the coding to make the content visually more appealing, you can add text, images, videos, etc. with HTML. The other skill that you must master is using Photoshop, illustrator, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, etc. These are also important for a web designer so that you can make the design of the website according to your client’s taste. Many companies are hiring people with skills in these particular areas and are paying well to develop their site. If you work under a company then you can know the basics which are also beneficial for you because you’re going to work under a team who would be good at it.

5.     Enhance your communication skills

  Communication is one skill that is required in every profession and the same goes for a web designer. If you want to be a freelancer in web designing then it is very much important for you to develop this skill because first of all, you feel professional and more confident, second is because you must know how to deal with your client in order to survive in this industry. Learn how to communicate with people and clients in order to improve your reputation as a freelancer. If you want to work under a company then also you need good communication skills because you’re going to work under a team and they may find you offensive if you’re not good at addressing people. Communication skills can get you clients and they trust people who are better at communicating with them as it makes them believe you are good at your profession.

6.     Be Confident

  Be confident in everything you do because confidence can make you feel good and you get more active when you’re more confident. Building the skill for web designing is not going to help you if you have low self-esteem. Be confident in everything you do even if you don’t feel like doing it use the 3 seconds rule where you count to 3 seconds and do the work without thinking about anything, just do the work. If that doesn’t help you, try exercising every day for 30 minutes, it releases stress and as you exercise continuously for a month you will notice a change from within. So, no matter what you do, be confident about your work and improve your skills at the same time.

7.     Make a website for your portfolio

It is very much important for you to make a website where you can display the feedbacks of your clients to make it more attractive and trustworthy.  It is good for your reputation and it can help you gain more followers if you’re a freelancer. The same goes for people who work under a company to make his/her own website or work on the company’s website and gain experience from it to increase your income.