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7 Truths about Success.

Success is always portrayed as a perfectly good picture. People see money, big house, cars, luxuries, etc. when they think about success. Well, indeed it is a perfect picture after a time but it takes a lot of time and effort from the artist to create that perfect picture. People underestimate the process and just keep dreaming about the perfect picture. So, this article is for those who are interested in the process and facing the truths. So, here is a list of 7 Truths about success that no one talks about.

1. It is going to cost you something.

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Success always comes with a price, it comes to those who are willing to pay whatever it costs. It will cost you your comfort, money, and even relationships. Let’s be real here, you are willing to invest $50000 but what if you have to pay $200000 are you willing to pay that for your success? Are you ready to give up your parties, your friends, your money for success? It is all out the sacrifice and dedication.

2. It is not so glamorous.

When we see celebrities, riches, business persons on social media or television we get so fascinated by how perfect their world must be. But that is not the real truth, we need to see behind those social media posts( we are not asking you to dig up their personal lives). Most of their time is spent in meetings, work, conferences, etc. For portraying that perfect image they have to work really hard. So, be ready for the amount of work you are going to do behind your perfect picture.

3.Success is different than money and fame.


The ideal measurements of success in society are about how much money you make, how many followers you have, how famous you are. If your definition of success is any of the above then I am sorry to say but it’s hollow. It is more than money or fame, it is about having good relationships, a healthy body, a happy family, having positive people around you, and being capable enough to make a positive change in at least one person’s life by your vision.


4.It will be lonely.


At one point in your journey, it will be lonely. It is a harsh truth. Because only you have the vision for your dreams, all the people around you won’t get it. Many of them will leave you due to various reasons like frustration, lack of attention, jealousy, and even you yourself will have to leave some people behind. It’s all part of the process. As mentioned above success has a price this might be the price. But the good thing about it is that only the real ones will stay for the very long run.


5.The responsibility keeps increasing.

If you are thinking that your responsibilities and problems will be reduced by being rich and all, then that’s not the case. On our way to success, the responsibilities and problems keep increasing. Today you are responsible for the living of your 15 employees, but in the future, the number will increase and the responsibility will also increase with it. You have to think and act according to your reputation, status, and potential growth of your business. It will just get tougher and tougher.

6.You are on Your Own.


There is no mommy, no boss, it is a step that you must take on your way to success. You are on your own. Everybody’s definition of success is different, for some people, it’s money, for some, it is fame, for some it’s love, and so on. No one can tell you what your success would be, what your vision should be( if someone is doing it, it is more like they are forcing their vision on you). Even I can’t tell you what will be your success. And it’s simple as that if someone is saying they can tell you they are lying. People can guide you, help you, and support you but they cannot define your success and vision.

7.Haters are a part of success.

You cannot avoid haters at all on your journey and even when you succeed. Not everyone has a positive eye for things. People spread hate out of jealousy, out of competition, due to personal reasons, due to their frustration in life or maybe your vision is affecting their vision, and so on. There are numerous reasons but we should only focus on positive things and people. Learn to ignore hate for a happy life.


That’s all with the 7 truths about success. Success is not a destiny, it’s a journey. A very hard but very fruitful and learning journey. There are many truths like that and we should definitely keep those in mind. Because dreams are good but the best when mixed with reality. So, always do a reality check. And these truths are that reality check. So, stick to your vision and goal, it’s definitely going to change the world. All the best hustlers.

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