blog as a writer
Isn’t blog, blogging and bloggers are the terms we hear every day. And the most common questions that arise in the mind of a writer is “Should I start a blog?”, “Will blogging help me in my career?”, “Why should I start blogging?”. So, here are the answers to your questions. I have listed 8 reasons why you should Blog as a writer:

1. Become a published author.

Published author The publishing business has changed a lot with the age of digital and social life. The publishers also give preference to the writers who have a good online presence, because they know a certain number of readers you are gonna get very easily. Even if you are thinking about self-publishing your book having a blog would be very beneficial for you. You can promote and sell your book on your blog much easily with feedback that you get pretty quickly.

2. Builds an audience.

audience The Internet is a vast platform to showcase your work, skills, and experience to attract a large number of audience. It can get you a strong number of audience or readers. It also helps you in connecting to your readers and knows what sort of expectations they have from you and how will they respond to your future work. You can attract a large number of readers by providing interesting content.

3.Chances of getting better jobs.

jobs Nowadays companies look for people who have a good online presence and influence. And for a writer having a base of audience already gives the companies a bigger reason to hire them. They can also check what type of skill you have and how well you can attract an audience.

4. It creates discipline.

Writers are all about writing, writing, and writing. It builds discipline in your life. It put you in habit of writing daily. Because if you publish posts every day you are making writing a habit, which is a discipline in itself. and you just keep improving yourself as a writer.

5. Quick Feedback.

You have to wait for months to get reviews about your work after publishing a book. But with blogging, you can get quick feedbacks via emails or comments on your work. You can also get further ideas that you have been working on or is planning to launch in the future by seeing how people react to its launching. Criticism and feedback are good ways to motivate yourself and know where you stand as a writer and what you can improve.

6. Build a network.

network By providing quick responses, building good relationships with your audiences, and contacting them with emails you are establishing your network in your industry. Make an online community or join one where you can connect with readers or other writers, which is a good way of growing as a writer. Blogging helps you build your network.

7. Express yourself.

You can express yourself as an individual, irrespective of a writer. You necessarily don’t have to write what you write for work, or a book or a story; you can write anything you want to show the world like your journey, your life as a writer, the how to, etc. It is a good way to express yourself and making the world hear your voice.

8. Help Others.

Every blog and every writing solves one or another thing for its readers. When people are coming to your blog, they are seeking for answers in an easy way and you are giving them the answers to their problems. You are fulfilling their need whether they are looking for an answer, inspiration, or idea.


So, these were our 8 Reasons to start a blog as writer, which are good and sufficient enough to motivate you to start one. Whether you are an established writer, a newbie or even if you are just thinking about it, START A BLOG!. RELATED: How to earn money as a writer in 2020?