With the rise of the corona virus a Pandemic, there has been numerous number of changes in the lives of people. The study and learning pattern of students has faced a huge change. The learning from home is affecting the study pattern of students. Before the pandemic students has school, college, cafes, library and several other places to escape for study. But now they have to and are adjusting to the new normal, which is study from home. The students are learning from online studies. So, here are some effective tips for students to learn from home.

1. Set your space.

students Set a distraction free and comfortable space where you can take your classes. Find an area in your house here you can sit comfortably and focus. Make it separate to your relaxation space, ideally away from a TV screen or other distractions. Gather everything you might need while you study it includes your supplies, beverage and snacks as well. Keep the area clean and organized.

2. Take notes.

please wait Stuck into a webinar zoning out? Note taking keeps your mind engaged. Taking notes can also help you retain information. It helps you stay focused and understand main concepts. Take notes to stay focused and revise them after class. Make clear and reliable notes. Use colors and highlighters to mark the important details. Bookmark things to easily access it later on.

3. Lessen distraction.

Harness your imagination and picture that you are at school not at home. Lock your phone away, if you need to don’t be afraid to ask your parents to intervene. Close all the extra tabs on your computer, put your phone on mute. Find a still background for your study or computer. Moving background seem to distract people a lot without them actually realizing it. A still or a blank background/wall might seem boring but it is good for your studies and building focus.

4. Take breaks.

Studying for a longer period of time from screen or constantly sitting for a longer period of time can cause fatigue and even cause some serious health issues. Taking breaks can also improve your focus and attention. So, take breaks after every 30-45 minutes. Get up once in a while. Have a snack. Take movement breaks. Walk up a bit, stretch your body. Relax your mind and body. (Note: But don’t distracted while taking breaks)

5. Speak up & ask for help.

please wait When things get tough, don’t just push through it. Ask your parents, or reach out to your teacher. You can also make study groups or find an study partner to learn and study together after classes. Ask for help is a sign of strength. Ask questions if you have one, because that doesn’t make you dumb, its not possible for everyone to think like you or there might be someone who must’ve had the same question as well. So feel free to speak up and ask for help.

6. Journal It.

please wait Use a journal to track your progress or any questions you might want to ask your teacher about your work. A journal helps you in organizing your thoughts and prepare in advance. Writing a journal is also a good way of solving problems. It works the same way as talking to a friend. So, write a journal for better and organized thoughts.


So, these were our tips for effective learning from from. We still don’t know when the things are going to be okay and the we will live our actual normal life. Till then stay focused and follow these tips for a better learning from home experience. Related: 9 Amazing Ways to boost your Productivity.