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Blogging is a great way to express yourself or your knowledge on the internet and make money through it. But choosing the best platforms is the real deal that most people are failing to do. There are many platforms where you can start your own blogging website but I’m guessing you don’t know the exact which one should you choose to start writing content to generate money.  

Top 4 best free blogging platform is a great blogging platform for beginners which provide tones of features for free. Though you may find it a little complicated at the beginning but with the time you’ll get used to it. They provide a free subdomain as well as a paid domain name to start your journey as a blogger.  In you get all the features that are required for building a website and the best thing is that it is already built-in on the platform. You may upgrade for a premium version where you’ll be charged for upgrading. Here you can see the analytics of your site, read comments, display categories, search features, etc which will be provided on the platform for free. Compared to its competition it provides tones of features that you’ll love to explore where you can display the dates, tags, author name, choose blog display, etc. From my experience, is a decent blogging platform where you can build your own site and write articles on it but you’ll only get a sub-domain name which means the main domain name would remain as Here you can choose multiple themes (approx 349) according to your website niche. Basically, you can edit your content and design it later according to your taste and make your site stand out from the rest of the blogging site. But since you’re a beginner at blogging, it’ll be one of the best options to start your journey as a blogger. founded by Evan Williams, former CEO and Co-founder of Twitter is one of the best blogging platforms for those who wish to share their story and earn money from it. It is a paid platform for those who wish to read articles on but for writers it is free to share their story. You can find millions of articles on published by both amateur and professional bloggers and writers. charges about $5 a month or $50 a year from every reader who is active on Medium. You can write on any topics depending upon your taste of interest and what you prefer to write. It is quite different from the other blogging platforms where you don’t require publishing articles that are required to do high research and SEO friendly post. is basically a community platform where you publish an article to the community and if people like your post on Medium then you can definitely make a huge amount of money. To start earning in Medium as a beginner blogger is not really tough compared to its competition, you can start earning in a week or within a month depending upon the curating team of Medium. The curating team basically monitors and reviews your post and if they find it interesting and readable, they will share it with the people who would be interested in your topic. It is totally free to write and share articles on and also easy to use. Here you can track your post after you publish on the platforms to see the analytics of your post. Writers are paid through the Medium partner program which is a compensation program for every writer and they are paid based on how deeply medium members read your content. The more readers read your post, the more you earn from the medium. is one of the oldest and easiest to use and share your articles compared to and other blogging platforms. In order to start blogging at, the only requirement is that you should a Gmail account and the rest is all done for you. It is easy and simple to use where you can monitor your post easily without any hectic searches that are required on the other blogging platform. You can easily edit the layout of your post where you can choose to edit the search bar, add and remove gadgets, edit your about page, etc. and also choose a variety of themes from the platform which will enhance the look of your post. Here, you customize the theme as well as create your own templates using CSS which is a better option compared to its competitions. I had been using for 1 year as a way to start my blogging career when I just started my journey as a blogger in 2015. Though I didn’t see any success in it was a nice experience and it taught me a lot of things which helped me to start my own website. It is an open-source platform that allows one to customize their themes or templates, and provide custom domains. Currently, it has 60 plus languages inbuilt which mean people with language issues can easily type in their regional language and share it with their people. If you wish to start blogging but don’t want to entangle yourself in coding then would be one of the best options for you, as it is easy and provides a variety of themes for free. is the most popular blogging platform which powers almost 33% of the blogging websites on the internet today. It was initially published as a blog publishing system but later it was upgraded to support other types of web content including media galleries, membership sites, online stores, etc. It is an open-source platform where you can edit and customize your site according to your choice. It is basically a content management system (CMS) which is written in PHP paired with MySQL database. Even my website is on and I find it really easy to use and it provides me with tones of features for free which I still need to explore. Though is not a blogging site as compared to it is free to use and provides many themes and plug-ins which can enhance the performance and the look of your site. In order to use, you’ll be required to purchase the domain and hosting for your site. Purchasing a domain and hosting would require you to spend some money but you can install WordPress for free after purchasing the domain name and hosting.