What is the Enemy of success? you must be wondering after all the efforts you’ve tried and still you’re not successful in your particular field. Why? Well, for most of you who are reading this article, I am guessing that you fall in that category, so don’t worry because I am going to let you know that you are not failing to succeed but rather a step closer to it. Yes, you heard that right, I will be sharing some tips with you with the information that you were lagging and also give you some bonus tips from my experience so that you can implement them in your life and I am confident enough that you will definitely achieve success from them. Success is not everyone’s cup of tea, what we mean by this is that not everyone is successful if you don’t choose the right path. There may be many reasons and some of which I have described below.  


enemy of success People prefer thinking that they would achieve anything if they did this or that but would never try to work for it. If you really want to be successful then you should stop procrastination right away and try building your character because character brings discipline and discipline brings success. Have you ever read or heard what successful people tried to avoid during their struggling days. If you have no clue then let me describe it to you in one word i.e “Procrastination”. They maintained good discipline and would not rest for days till they achieve their target. If you discipline yourself and stop procrastinating then you would definitely succeed. There is a simple 2-minute rule for productivity, well said by David Allen, “if it takes less than 2 minutes, then do it now”.  

2. Fear of success:

Fear is the enemy of success. People often get scared of what they are doing and that it would not help them to succeed. They fear to fail at work if things don’t go according to their plan. Often such fears can be dangerous as it would take you nowhere and you would be stuck to succeed. Concentrating on your work and not be disturbed by any external disturbances or negativity would rather help you in overcoming those fears. Try to motivate yourself regularly as self-motivation helps in lowering your fear. There should never be any doubt in what you’re doing, always be confident enough to stand for it and work harder.  

3.Having Complacency:

laziness In simple words, complacency is described as laziness which is an enemy of success. Because of this success just becomes a dream and dreams become void. What do you think? success is easy even if you just waste your whole day, no and it will never be this easy. Consistency brings success and if you are not consistent with your work, are you expecting a miracle. Well, miracles happen to only those who work for it and don’t just sit back and watch. Change this attitude and success will come to you. This attitude must be changed and never be too comfortable with yourself. Once you get used to it nothing will change. Success in life is all dependent on your daily habits and if you master that, no one can stop you from your success. Only you can define what or how your future can be.

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4.Give up Mid-way:

Most of the people who fail to succeed in life are because they give up soon after facing some failures. Fear is the biggest enemy one can have. When you start working on something you should never have any doubt about what you are doing(of course don’t act careless, be calculative). Always be positive about it, I know it is just easier to say than done. But believe in what I say, we all went through that phase, it is never too easy to gain success overnight. Do not give up easily even if things don’t go according to the plan. There is just no easy way to success, success only comes when you work for it, and remember why you started this work in the first place. The richest man on earth Jeff Bezos, do you think Amazon gained overnight success. NO, he worked for years and never had any doubt about what he was doing. Believe in what you’re doing and we are sure success would come.  

5.Lacking of Self-Belief:

enemy of success Self-belief or self-esteem doesn’t matter, you should never consider yourself in any low position. Always have self-esteem as it would help you to be more confident in your work. Believe in yourself and in the work that you are doing. Lacking self-confidence is what get you lazy at work. If you see successful people around you or any platform you’ll always notice how confidently they speak and describe the details. That’s because they believe in themselves and no other person can affect that. Always try to motivate yourself because no one is going to do it for you if you want to succeed in life. People with low self-esteem often tend to see things negatively and they would always be troubled by failure. So, keep up the good work and if you know you’re going to be successful then keep working harder and you’ll achieve it for sure.  

6.Lack of Planning:

enemy of success Pre-planned work is good for your business to be successful because if you are directionless or clueless about what you are doing, how are you going to succeed. Always prepare your stuff before executing and make a list of what you are going to do today, tomorrow, and in the future. Never get dependent on others, what you do today will define what you will be in the future. Success only comes to those who hustle and plan things beforehand.  

7.Trying to please others:

friends When you start something not everyone is going to appreciate your work so stop trying to please everyone and start doing your own stuff. Unsuccessful people often want others’ acceptance and fail at work. Stop doing that because no matter how hard you try not everyone is going to appreciate you. Continue doing on what you are good at and stop thinking about people, negative people will always stay negative so why try. They will bring you down to their level and force you to think negatively. Stay positive and surround yourself with people who match your vision.  

8.Competing with others:

  Yes, most of you will fail to succeed if you try to compete with others. Healthy competition is good but when it comes to work there should be no competition for you. You should only compete with yourself and not others. Try to improve what you were yesterday and learn from it. You see when you compete with others you become dependent on them and when they stop working, you also tend to stop and stop believing in your plans. YOU LOSE interest and fail to do what could have been done when you didn’t try to compete.  

9.Stopped learning from your Failure:

  Failure teaches you many things that should not be repeated in the future. Most people ignore learning anything if they fail miserably and that is one of the reasons for the enemy of success which brings more failure to their life. You are your own enemy when it comes to success and this is one of the 12 main reasons for the enemy of success. What you do today gives you a little knowledge of what you should not do in the future. Success takes time, it can take a week or a year or many years but you should not stop learning. Success is a journey, learn to go with the flow and try not to resist it by giving up or not learning anything.  

10.No Discipline:

discipline Discipline gives you the strength to build a strong character and character defines your personality. Never ignore maintaining discipline and start building one. We tend to be busy and not be productive about it which is why most people fail in life and the reason for the enemy of success. You need to build the quality that is required for your growth and continue to be persistent. Limit your circle if it needs to, do whatever it takes for your growth, just never stop mid-way, discipline your work, list out points that you require to build your character, and never stop learning.

11.Taking Shortcuts to Success:

  Clear one thing in your mind that there is no shortcut to success. Most people fail to achieve success is because they tend to believe that they would succeed by taking shortcuts but that’s not the right way. You may get success going for shortcuts but that would be a short-term success. If you want long-term success go the right way and keep working on your project. Have patience and develop the skills required in the way only then you would be able to become a successful person. Success rates and the key to success is all dependent on you.  

12.Blaming others:

blaming other Most people blame others if they don’t gain success and would never appreciate their efforts and will never accept their own mistakes. Blaming others would not bring you success. What would really bring success is building the habits and skills in the process. Even if you fail, you would learn and develop many things in the way. Educate yourself and try again till you achieve success and remember one thing success is never permanent but learning from it is.   Well, those were some of my takes on enemies of success. Leave your comments below to let us know what you think is the enemy of success.