How to be a writer? Is a very common question that comes to our mind when we are thinking of beginning our career as a writer, writing our first book, beginning career as a freelance writer. Writing is more then writing a book. It is very important skill in everybody’s personal and professional life. We write mails, texts, social media posts, journals everyday. So, there is a difference between writing and being  a writer. Here are some tips that will give you an idea and will guide you on being a writer.  


writer Yes, you read it right . To be a good writer, tip number one and the most important one here is just start. If you want to write you have to start. It’s totally okay to start in the middle, because at least you are starting somewhere. We always say this we believe in you, you just need to believe yourself.

2.Read Daily:

read books . You must have heard this almost everywhere. So, take this seriously because it is very important. Reading gives lots of ideas. The more you read the more you will understand and learn writing. Make a habit of reading daily. Read of what interests you, teaches you and is related to your writing. IF you are a beginner then we advice you to start by reading at least 30 mins or atleast one chapter a day.

3.Write daily:

To be a writer you need to practice daily. So, make a habit of writing daily. Set a word limit to complete everyday. “practice makes a man perfect”. This is applicable everywhere. The more you practice writing the better your writing skills would get.

4. Keep a journal:

Most of the successful writers, entrepreneurs have a habit of making journals. Keep and maintain a journal. Write for at least 10 mins a day. Writing is all about practicing, journal keeping is also practicing. Journal also makes your thought organized. So, overall it’s a good habit.

5. Set a schedule:

time Make a schedule for writing. As mentioned above you should write daily. So, set a time to write daily, set an place a set a word limit as well. It will build your habit of writing. Write at the same place whether it’s a desk, a couch, or any place you get ideas. Set priorities and don’t compromise your schedule of writing.

6. Join Online courses:

online training This step is for those who want some diploma or degree in writing for their career growth as well as for those who needs a mentor. Joining various courses will also give you an opportunity to interact with individuals of same field. There are various courses out there. We have mentioned online here is because of the pandemic. So, if you think you need some help you can join some courses.

7. Don’t forget researching:

To be a good writer you must know people, trends and updates from your particular topic. Keep researching on the people and the work that you are interested in. Read their work, experiences. Take inspiration from them.

8. Be clear about your goal:

goals When we start things without a reason there is no motivation to work on them. People are likely to give up on things they are doing without a reason. Writing is your individual choice so, be clear about your purpose and goal. You should know the reason why you are doing this. So you will stick to it. If you would also like to read 30 motivational quotes. Well those were our advice for how to be a writer. Hope you liked it and apply this routine to your schedule. Comment below to let us know and also subscribe to our website.