how to create a blog
How to create a blog in 2020? Well, creating a blog in 2020 is easier than it seems.  There are several reasons of creating a blog. If you are a beginner and still in doubt off whether to create a blog or not. Read the Reasons to start a Blog in 2020. Steps to Learn how to create a blog:

1. Choose a Topic.

niche One of the first steps to learn in how to create a blog is choosing topic( niche). A niche is a specified subject or topic that you want to write your blog posts about. Choose a niche that is suitable for you. Be very specific and clear. Some of the popular niche in 2020 are technology, digital marketing, finance and investment, fashion, health and fitness, food, etc.

2. Pick a Blog Name.

The next step to learn in how to create a blog is picking a name for your blog. Choose a name that is relevant, specific, short and to the point( and off course the one you love and connects well too). There are several ways of choosing blog name like you can write it on your own, take inspiration from competitors or you can use a blog generator.

3. Find a blogging platform.

It is one of the most important and crucial step for creating a blog. So, the next go is to choose a blogging platform. The most common question of how to start a blog is whether we should start our blog on a free platform or a self hosted platform. Some free hosted platforms are blogger and whereas self hosted platforms are,,

4. Set up your blog.

The next step is to set up the blog. By now you have sorted the above mentioned step, now to setting up your blog, you need to set it up through web hosting, purchase the web hosting and register your domain name. Choosing a hosting company can be more important than you think it can be. So, choose wisely.

5. Put together your blog.

After setting up your blog now is the time to put together your blog. As you open your admin dashboard, the things you need to put together are:
  1. Site title.
  2. Tagline.
  3. Visibility in Google.
  4. Permalinks.

6. Choose a theme.

theme A theme is a template or stylesheet used to define the appearance and display of a website. Among all of the website creation platform WordPress, got the best and most of the free themes, which can be managed and customized without any complications and knowledge of coding. Choose the theme that suits the content of your blog. Choosing a theme also includes choosing the site icon, logo, font, color scheme, backgrounds, widgets, menus, etc accordingly.  Remember that you can change your theme anytime without much hurdle.

7. Add pages and your first blog post.

post Some of the pages that are super important for a blog are:
  1. Blog. The section where all of of your blog posts will be listed.
  2. Contact. Your contact information like email, phone number a enquiry form etc from your visitors or customers can contact you.
  3. About. A page about your you or your business/website/blog. If you are business than your vision, mission, etc.
  4. Service/products. A service/product to list the product or services that you are selling and from where your customer can purchase them.
After setting up the pages, congratulations you have created your blog. You have created your blog successfully now the only thing that is missing is a blog post. So Go ahead and post you first blog post. Conclusion: So these were the steps to learn how to create a blog. Choose your niche, pick the blog name, find blogging platform, choose the hosting and register your domain name, add your site title, site icon, tagline, add logo, choose and customize the theme, and finally add the pages and your first blog post.