Every writer has his/her own reason of writing or being writer. Some just wants to do it because they want to do what they are passionate about it, some do it for fame, and some do it for earning a living and getting paid for their skills. And let’s be honest here not all writers get rich, but some do with hardwork, persistency and skills. But there are some ways which you can follow to earn money as a writer.  To people with a job I would advice, to not quit their job for beginning a career or starting earning as a writer, try putting it as a side hustle. Start it as a part time or a side job. Here are few ways for you to earn money as a writer in 2021.

1. Write articles for blogs, magazines and journals.

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All publications whether online or offline the demand for content is undying.  blogs, websites, newspaper, magazines, all require content.Writing for magazines, blogs and journals is a good of earning as a writer. If you want to write for magazines or journals then focus on digital because their is lots of opportunities out there. Blog and websites are in constant need of writers to write for them.

2. Sell an E-book.

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As a writer you might off course want to publish your own book. Then publishing an E-book before a printed books will suit you as a beginner.Writing and selling an E-book is much more convenient then traditional printed books. Publishing it is very easy. Publishing your own E-book is very cheap and even free sometimes. The promotional costs and expenses are also less for E-books. Publishing your own E-book has more benefits then this. Like it has easy global reach, they are free to sell and much more.

3. Copywriting.

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As a part of the high income skills copywriting is the best option( in my opinion) for the individuals who wants to write for businesses. Copywriting offers a huge variety of work to choose from. You can choose your own niche, topic, sector or area of expertise to write copies for. You can work as a full time copywriter in a firm or can also work part time/as a freelancer. The kind of work you get and the money you get all depends on your skills.

4. Blog.


Blogging. Why do people blog? or the question here should be why people should blog as a writer? Well, the answer to that comes with another question. What do people do in blogging? Off course they write. The more they write the more they get better at writing. Start a blog as a writer. And the reason is you get to practice a lot and you will get multiple opportunities to earn money as a writer. You can earn money by monetizing your blog. It will help making your online presence strong which will further open your opportunities for you and you have a base for selling your content/writings through that blog.

5. Content Writing.

Content Writing involves planning, writing and developing content for blogs, websites, social media platforms, etc. Content writing is more than writing articles, it includes email newsletters, web page copy, video scripts, podcasts title, white paper, video descriptions, keynote speeches etc.

6. Be a freelance writer.

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Being a freelance writer involves all the points mentioned above. You can work as a copy writer, content writer, write for magazines and blogs without committing to a specific employer. There are many sites where you can register and work as freelancer like WriterAccessSkyword, etc. You can find work as a writer, editor, social media marketer and much more.

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