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2020 seems to be a great year for new entrepreneurs to start a new business and if you are looking for starting an online business than you are at the right platform. You can earn huge amount of money online without investing a lot of money on them. So, the question is how you plan to start a new business online right. So, we have come across some points to give you an idea to starting a new business. Well there are a lot of programs through which you can start your own business. Some of the programs are listed below,
  • Dropshipping
  • Blogging
  • YouTube
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Freelancing
  • Online course
  • Sell EBooks
  • App Development
  • Trading
online business So, it is up to you where you want to invest your time and money. Starting an online business requires very less investment of money where you can earn millions of dollar.  But with the increase in competition it has become a little harder to achieve success. It doesn’t mean that you can’t earn money in 2020; it simply means that you have to give all of your efforts into it to make it a success. Lets us start discussing about our online business program first.  


  Starting your business as dropshipping is a great idea and it requires a very small amount of money to open your store. You just have buy your domain name and your hosting from a good site. Many new entrepreneurs have started their journey with dropshipping and are earning huge amount of money.  But is dropshipping still profitable or is it dead, it is upto you to decide. We have written an article on it, if you haven’t read it you can click on the link and read it now.


blogging If you are interesting in blogging or writing articles on particle niche than blogging is the platform where you can start your journey. It is absolutely free and you can write on any topics which you are good at. There are many platforms where you can start blogging for free like, wordpress etc. But if you really want to earn money more it is recommended that you should have your own website. It may cost some penny but you can earn a lot more.


youtube Youtube has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years as it has become a huge platform where you can earn money without investing any. If you are looking for a business to grow, YouTube is the platform that won’t disappoint you. Nowaways many audiences are into visual appearance than to read a blog. So, it will be more easier for you to increase your audience in YouTube than a blog. Though you may require  investing on good camera, mic and some other equipments that is required. But you can also do it from your mobile camera if you don’t have the money to purchase all that.

Affiliate Marketing

  If you are looking to earn 1000$ a day than affiliate marketing is the one that you should look forward to. Affiliate marketing is nothing but referral marketing where you have you sell a company’s product and they give you some commission from it. Basically you have to promote their product and a link would be given to you and when the customers click on that link and purchase the product you would get commission.  Amazon affiliate program is one of the most popular affiliate markets. They provide commission ranging from 1-10% commission based on particular product. There many affiliate program online where you can get upto 50% commission if you want to earn more.


  If you are good at web designing, blog post writing, app designing, logo making etc. than you should consider joining freelance where many companies are looking for freelancer to do their works AND are paying for their service. Even if you are not good at anything or you have little knowledge on it still you can join freelance and apply for some competition. You can provide free service at the beginning and slowly grow your profile and earn more stars from recruiters. It is free to join and can make you huge money. Some of the freelance companies are Upworks, Fiverr etc.

 Online course

  You can also start your business by selling your own online course and earn money from it. If you are good at something don’t keep it to yourself, share your knowledge to anyone who needs it. You would find many fake Gurus who would lure you to buy their product and when you buy it you will find that there was nothing so special. So if you want to sell an online course than you should be genuine with your product and help others.

EBooks selling

ebooks Yes just like online course you can also sell EBooks. If you are not confident on camera or don’t want to do online courses than you can definitely sell EBooks in which you can write on any topics which you are good at. Ebooks selling are quite popular nowadays and there are many platforms where you can advertise your EBooks. You can earn huge amount of money if you write an EBook. Also you don’t physically have to write your book so it becomes easy to sell multiple EBooks and don’t need to print. This is a great source to earn money.

App Development

  App development has seen a lot of growth over the past few years where people started earning huge passive income. Very few people would tell you how much you can earn through App development. It has become quiet popular to launch your own App. If you are good at coding than you can develop your own app. Even if you’re not there are many online free programs who teaches you how to develop app. Just be a beginner and start from somewhere because you need to learn in order to earn and grow.


stock market Trading is a great way to make money online and make huge profit out of it. Though you do require knowledge of it in order to make profitable trading. It is basically a financial market where you have to invest on certain products or company and wait for it to grow. It is a buy and hold strategy where you have to keep the product and resell it for more money. If you are interested in stock market and not clear about how to start than we suggest you to learn the basic of stock market trading and start investing a little on them. You’ll eventually know how they work and can invest more on stock market later. Related: How to be successful in every field like a pro skills

How to start Online Business on these platforms??

  So now you know what are the online businesses that you can start for free. Though some of the above may require you investing money but most of it is free. Online business has seen a huge increase over the past few years and it is still growing. It is just a matter of time when all of the businesses would turn online and 2020 seems to be a great year for starting online business. Here are the some points in order to start online business,  

Selecting a Niche:

  Niche is very important if you want to start online business. It gives you an idea of what article, products etc should you sell. You can also go for multiple niche such as Amazon are now selling but it would mess up if you are not good at handling. Many entrepreneurs are making money with multiple niches but that doesn’t mean you can also go for it. First of all you decide what you need and then decide which product or article you are going to sell. Since you are new to online business we recommend you to go for single niche as it help you grow more and focus more. Also it is easier to handle and attract audiences or customers.

Making Market Analysis

  Now that you know your niche, it is time for Market analysis as it is very important and gives you an idea of what are the current trending, what customers want etc. Basicalling you have to do keyword research and trending articles or product research.  

Competitors Analysis

  In order to grow you must know what your competitors are doing and what products or strategy that are using for selling their products or articles etc. You can’t grow your business if you are not aware of what your competitors are doing. You must look for the solution to what they are not doing and how to improve your quality to attract your audience or customers.  

Create your Website

  Now that you have done all of the above its time to launch your website or store where you want to sell your products. It is very important to have a website if you are starting online business and start earning from it.

Drive Traffic

  Do some research on SEO and how to drive traffics to your website? It is very much required for your business to grow. Try to make your page to come at the top when your targeted audience search for the keywords.


  If you want to grow fast then take it as a small investment on making your business successful. Advertisement is very important as it gives your targeted audience to know your site and buy products or read articles from it.

Be Patient and Learn

  You have to be patient for your business to grow as it may take some days or months to see some growth. And in the process learn from your mistake or learn from anything that is beneficial for your business. Your will surely see success just keep on learning and executing.   If this helped you in any way, please comment below and share with your friend.