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How to stop procrastination?

Aren’t we all guilty of procrastinating? We all procrastinated for something more than once in our life. Procrastination is the enemy of success. That’s why we need to overcome the habit of delaying work for a better life. In this article we will understand:

1.What is Procrastination?

2.Reasons of Procrastination.

3.Effects of Procrastination?

4.How to stop Procrastination?

What is Procrastination?

how to stop procrastination

   Procrastination is defined as the action of delaying and putting off doing something later, intentionally or unintentionally. The meaning of it is very simple. In other words, we can say that procrastination is about pushing the work to another time instead of doing it when it is supposed to be done.

There is a very famous phrase for Procrastination (by Edward Young In Night Thoughts) “Procrastination is the thief of time” which is very much true. It steals a lot of time which could have been used for so much progress.¬† A famous proverb to define procrastination and the above phrase is “if you delay something, it will take longer to do later on”. It is simple to understand this way, the more we delay something the harder it will be to complete it later on.

Reasons for procrastination?

1. Pure laziness is the most common reason for procrastination.

2. Some people procrastinate because of over-confidence. They think that there is lots of time and that is enough to complete the work.

3. Long, boring, complicated, less important, and less likable work also leads to delaying and pushing it off.

4. Choosing pleasure overwork. Wasting time on pleasurable things instead of work will lead to procrastination as well.

5. Sometimes the fear of failure or peer pressure is also the reason for delaying the work.

6. The “careless” attitude is a very big reason for procrastination.

Effects of Procrastination.

1. It is very bad for time management. The more time you waste the more you are tempted to waste.

2. It causes stress. Delaying work till the deadline then completing it at the last moment will cause stress.

3. It is not healthy for you and the people around you. Procrastination will affect the people around you because you have to work super hard at the last moment causing stress and not giving enough time to the people around you.

4. It affects your career. No one will like to work with a person who always takes action at the last moment.

5. The quality of work is decreased and you can’t give your best at the last moment. You don’t have time to plan better and doing the task to your full potential. You will just complete it anyhow.

6. It will affect your grades. You don’t have time to ask your professors about your mistakes. Because when your submitting at the last moment there is no point in correcting.

7. You don’t have time for mistakes, change, and improvement.

How to stop Procrastination?

set goal

1. Set priorities. Put your work, studies on top, everything falls after them.

2. Make routines and stick to them. Never spend more than 3 days without your routine.

3.Write down the work and the consequences of not completing it. The consequences will definitely motivate you to get up and work.

4. Control your body and mind, don’t let them be the reason of your procrastination.

5. Know the distractions and stay away from them.

6. Set up a good reward system for yourself.