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Is dropshipping dead?

One of the most asked question whether doing business as a dropshipping is still in business or not.

Yes, it is still in business but the only problem is that the competition has risen over the years. It is not as easy as it used to be 10-15 years ago.

With the rising awareness of the platform, many people have started their own businesses online.

Before going into a detailed overview let us describe what is Dropshipping?.


What is Dropshipping?

is dropshipping dead

Dropshipping is basically a chain mechanism system where the retailer doesn’t actually keep the physical product to themself but is rather kept to a warehouse that works as a third party.

The third-party company store their products and also look out for all the delivery and other stuff.

Dropshipping is done online and is more profitable than traditional selling as it widens the consumers and easier to sell.

With that said many people wonders that making money through dropshipping is really easy. That’s not true, the actual reason is you have to do a lot of research regarding your product and have to spend a lot of time online.

What that means is that doing the right market research and spending some penny on ads to let people aware of your product and delivering it to the right customer may help you in building a successful dropshipping store.

We will discuss our topic “ is dropshipping dead “ later but let us get an overview of it.

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Is Dropshipping Legal?


 First of all this article is not to guide you any legal guidance nor do we tend to.


Yes Dropshipping is completely legal but there are some factors to be considered in order for any drop shipper to not fall in any legal action.

Business License :

Though it is not really required to have a business license to build an online business and start selling a product and with that said, it also does not mean that you should not have a business license.

In order to have a reputed business brand and to establish as a successful dropshipper it is a good idea to have one.

Other factors that fall in legalizing a Dropshipping business are –

Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy

Refund Policy

Legal Agreement


Trademark and Copyrights

With all those in place it should be fine for you to start a new dropshipping business .


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Is Dropshipping a scam?

No , Dropshipping is not a scam but there were many fraudulent happened in the past for which people started to believe it a scam .

Most of the people who consider dropshipping a scam are the ones who couldn’t find there way to success . Those are the people who tried dropshipping but failed miserably as they were the one’s who tried the easy way to get rich .

However there are many people online who try to scam people by selling their courses and try to lure people to get you rich instantly.

Dropshipping works on high marketing and well-planned strategies to gain more customers to buy the products.

If you didn’t find success in dropshipping that does not mean it was a big scam but rather you were not good at marketing and choosing the right product.

Now for our real question “Is Dropshipping dead “

Is Dropshipping dead ?

No, It will never be dead as dropshipping is itself a large industry and many people have benefited from it.

Many people assume that dropshipping in 2021 is the worst idea one can have as those are the people who failed in the dropshipping business.

It is true many people have failed in the past to create a good business but it does not mean dropshipping is dead.

What that mean is that dropshipping was never an easy thing to do it requires hard work and a lot of market research.

So far, many people have benefited from dropshipping and making millions of dollars each year. Though the competition has risen over the year due to more awareness of the business and it may become tough to outnumber other stores but it does not mean you can’t start one.

2021 will be a good year to start a business as many have lost their job due to pandemics in the previous year and many were forced to stay at home.

We have listed out some of the best work from home jobs to generate you huge money, if you haven’t read go check it out.

Overview :

Back to our topic,

Some of the reason why people consider dropshipping to be dead are listed below,

  Most of the dropshippers purchase Chinese products from Aliexpress and sell them in their store. People often think that customers won’t be interest in buying a Chinese as they are not guaranteed products.

Also, the question arises as there is Amazon where people can buy anything and even are trusted by many customers. Why would anyone consider buying products online from an unknown store?

Untrusted Chinese brand.

Too hard to attract customers to buy the products.

These are some of the question that arises on most of the new dropshippers ,  well to make it more clear let us discuss about it.

It’s all about the strategies and a good marketing plan to attract customers to buy your product .

Before buying anything from Aliexpress always consider doing market research on what people are interested in and what customers are you trying to attract.

Than set a good strategy to promote  the product , There are many platform where any dropshipper can promote the product .

It is never easy to sell anything, it requires hard work and patience to be able to succeed.

It may sound discouraging but it’s the truth. However, once you get used to it, it doesn’t get so tough.

Platform :

There are many platforms to start a dropshipping business , some of them we have listed out below


Though it is a free plugin for WordPress, it comes with many surprises. There are many add ons which may require you to pay. First of all, you are required to buy a domain name and hosting which may cost you a little.

woocommerce gained popularity soon after its launch in 2011 and by 2014 powered almost 17.77% of the online sites. E-commerce has risen over a period of time and woocommerce stands at the top by almost acquiring 30% of the eCommerce sites.   It provides almost 330 free extensions and 1000 plug-ins for free.

  2. Shopify :     

  It is one of the most popular and trusted e-commerce platform . It is simply a tool to let you build a site where you can list multiple products on their platform . Shopify claims to have more than 1000000+ businesses .

They provide easy access to the admin panel where you can make changes according to your requirement. Shopify works as a hosting and if you want to trend your website quickly it would be a good option.

It provides high security regarding your privacy and hacking as well as provides tonnes of options to adjust your sites.

3. Amazon Dropshipping : 

                            Amazon dropshipping is the easiest way to promote products and also the toughest way to succeed. It requires a lot of marketing strategies to attract customers.

                       If you don’t want to get any burden regarding selling and shipping, there’s the Amazon FBA program where they look out for all trouble that requires you to sell. Though you may have to spend some money on it according to their plan.

Their plan varies with the weight of the product. If it is heavy they may charge more than those that are the light product.

4. Magento :

Magento is another e-commerce platform for powerful marketing, SEO, and product management tools and it is built on open-source technology that is free for all to download. They provide a flexible shopping cart system and gives full control over the content, functionality, and the look of dropshippers site.

They provide two options Magento Opensource which is free to download and Magento Commerce which is the premium version of Magento Opensource.

Magento Commerce provides more functionality and 24*7 support from the team. They provide more advanced marketing tricks, functionality, and targeted promotion of dropshippers products.

Those were some of the famous e-commerce platforms where any new drop shippers can start their business.

So how do you plan to supply products to their platform? The easiest way is to join the Aliexpress dropshipping center 

, they provide tonnes of product online at a very cheap price. Most of the successful dropshipping business have started their store from this site.

  Conclusion :

Dropshipping is never getting old and is never going to be dead. Anyone can start their new store online as it widens the consumers and is easier to sell.

All new aspirants require is hard work and pre-planned strategies before selecting any product.

The main criteria should be deciding the niche, what niche would good for you to start with.

If you don’t know what niche is, it is basically a type of category like health care, or fitness and Under it falls many subcategories. It will be a better idea to work on a particle niche rather than having multiple niches.

With multiple niches, consumers tend to get confused about your store and would rather buy from other online stores.

After selecting the niche, research what product is currently trending and how many people are interested in that product. Just selecting a niche and then selling a random product won’t you any success.

A good marketing strategy and paid promotion would do the deal.

Hope we solve some of your problems, if you have any doubt then please comment below and if you like the post share to your friends to let them know. Thank you.

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