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Blogging is a great way to side hustle if you’re already making money through your jobs. Even if you’re a beginner who has no income can still opt for blogging because it is one of the best ways to make money online. Though it takes time to actually see some tractions on your site to make money through blogging. There are some other ways through which you can make money blogging even if you’re a beginner. Below are some of the ways you can make money through blogging if you’re a beginner. make money blogging for beginner

8 ways to make money blogging for Beginners

  1. Through Google AdSense
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Sell EBooks
  4. Courses
  5. Podcast
  6. Guest posting
  7. Amazon Affiliate program
  8. Freelancing

1. Google Adsense

  Google AdSense is the easiest way to make money through blogging. If you fulfill the criteria of applying for Google AdSense’s approval then surely you can make a good amount of money. What Google Adsense does is that it automatically puts ads on your site once you’re approved through which you make money from it. The prices of the ads are decided by the advertisers and they pay you on the basis of CPC or CPM. CPC is basically cost per click which means when someone clicks on the ads that are displayed on your site, you’ll get a commission from it which depends on the ads that are being displayed. CPM is the cost per thousand impressions that means when someone checks your site the ads they see on it are the impressions that are counted by the Google Adsense algorithm to pay you for the impressions. Google Adsense finds the best ads that will be relevant to your post and also help your site to enhance its user experience. It is really easy to set up Google Adsense banners to your site, once you’re approved by Adsense, you just need to copy and paste the code to your site.

2. Affiliate Marketing

  If you’re looking for making really good money through blogging then affiliate marketing is the one that you must work on when starting a blog.  Affiliate marketing has a really good scope for future bloggers, so if you haven’t joined any affiliate program then I suggest you do it now. You may fail at first but you’ll learn something new through it. According to, affiliate marketing is a big fish market that has the potential of spending $8.4 billion by 2022 in the United States which means affiliate marketers have a big opportunity to earn a good amount of money through it. My friend Alex and Lauren from Create and Go are making 5-6 figures income through affiliate marketing alone and living a financially free life. If you wish to learn more about how to make money through affiliate marketing you can join their courses or check out their valuable post that is absolutely free to explore. If you have no idea of what affiliate marketing is then let me summarize it for you, Affiliate marketing you are required to promote a particular product or courses or any software, etc. and you would be paid a commission on the sales that you have generated for the owner. The commission can range anywhere between 10- 70% which is a comparatively very high amount if you generate a good amount of sales. You can join any affiliate programs that are giving a decent commission to start your earnings. There are many platforms like JVZoo, Clickbank, Clickfunnel, etc.  that are providing affiliate services where you can select a product relevant to your niche. There is no limit to your earning, you can join as many affiliate programs as you want and make a living out of it. So, if you want to increase a portion of your income through blogging then definitely go for affiliate marketing which has helped thousands of people to live a financially free life.

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3. Sell EBooks

  EBooks is another way of making money through blogging and also one of the easiest ways to attract more people to your site. The reason why I said the easiest way is because when you provide an EBooks for free, people usually tend to take it and when they do, you can collect their emails to increase your email list which we will talk about it later in the article on why you need to collect email list. But first, let me explain why you need to work on EBooks as a beginner. In a recent survey by, they estimated that in India alone the revenue segment would reach $303 million by 2025. Currently, it is projected to reach $214 million by the end of 2020 in India. Globally it is estimated to be around $6,498 million in the 2020 report. I have been selling EBooks on my other site for around 2 years now and it has provided me a very good amount of money. Though EBook selling is not my main income source and I have not worked much on it seriously but soon I will be launching an EBooks by the end of this year on this site. So if you want it for free then you can subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated and also avail of the latest offer. So, now that you know why you should start working on EBooks to generate a good amount of money through blogging. In order to generate sales, you can promote it on your site or on Amazon Kindle which is quite popular nowadays for EBook marketing. You can sell it for free for a couple of days to attract readers and if people like your EBook, they will definitely recommend it to their friends, families, or colleagues. This is also one of the best ways to make money through blogging for beginners.

4. Sell Courses

  Just like selling EBooks, you can opt for selling courses which is actually more profitable than selling EBooks, and also you can connect with people from around the world. Make a course on the field that you’re good at; don’t just create a course to make money from it without providing good information to your students. There are many fake Gurus who are tricking people to buy their courses and providing average information to people, don’t be that. The money will come but doing such things will only ruin your reputation and also bad for your long-term goals. Ever since the pandemic has taken a toll over the world, every business, schools, and colleges are opting to go online, so this a good opportunity to develop yourself and start working on making a course to make money through it. You can promote yourself on many platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. through ads or through other influencers. It will be a little hectic at the beginning but you’ll definitely find a way to sell your course and make money through it. Courses are profitable and many bloggers are earning through their courses and it is one of the best ways to make money through blogging for beginners.

5. Podcast

  With the increase in popularity, the podcast is now a great medium to promote your business or to bring traffic to your website which can help you to boost your income to some extent. If you want to bring your business to public notice then you should definitely try going for podcasting. Joe Rogan of the Joe Rogan Experience is one of the highest earners as a podcaster who made $30 million in 2019 according to Forbes magazine. He is the most popular podcaster with a listener of almost 190 million people. He invites all sorts of people from different industries like MMA, politicians, etc. who are well known in their industries. Another famous podcaster Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark who made $15 million last year i.e. in 2019 through their famous podcasting show “My favorite Murder” where they discuss murder theories, crime, etc which is quite different from Joe Regan’s show. So, there is a lot of scope for podcast shows and also make money through it. Even if you are not interested in starting a podcast, there are many podcasters who are searching for successful and inspiring people whose stories are still untold. You can request them or share your stories with them and if they like your story, they will definitely invite you to their show. You can request them to promote your business or blogging website to attract people to your site.

6. Guest Blogging

  Guest posting is one of the oldest ways to make money through blogging by selling your services or by featuring people’s posts on your site. There are many websites owner who is willing to pay a good amount of money for guest posting. You just need to look out for such invitations online and write for them to make a good income, not only that you can link your site through guest posting which can help with your site’s traffic. Here you just need to choose the niche that you’re good at or which is similar to your website’s niche and start searching for people who are paying or inviting for guest posting on their site. It will help you to grow your business and also good for SEO optimization of your website. If you want to promote your website without spending any penny then guest blogging is the right way to promote and make money through it. So, if you’re a new blogger then you should definitely try it out.

7. Amazon Affiliate Program

  Amazon is the best known online store which offers its own affiliate program where they pay commission to their affiliates ranging from 1-10% commission. Though their commissions are less compared to other affiliate programs, many people prefer Amazon over any other company because of its reputation. You can promote their products through your website to make money from it while blogging. When a visitor clicks on the link that you shared on your website and buys the product through it then you’ll get a commission. Even if the visitor does not buy the product that you displayed on your website you can still get a commission if he buys some other product through your link because Amazon stores the browser’s cookie of the person who visited their store. Amazon deletes the cookie after every 24 hours that means if your customer buys any product within 24 hours and from the same browser, there is still a chance that you’ll get a commission. I have two such Amazon affiliate websites on my other website which are ranking in the top 10 list of Google searches and giving me a good amount of profits. So if you wish to start a blogging website then you can go for the Amazon Affiliate program and make a good earning from it through blogging.

8. Freelancing

  If you wish to be a blogger but do not have the money to start your own website then you can sign up as a freelancer where you can sell your work as an expert on blogging. If you’re a good or an average writer and know the basics of blogging then you can join any freelancing website for free and become a member. Websites like Fiverr, Upwork are one of the best freelancing websites where you can start as a blogger. You can charge anywhere between $5-$15 or more as a beginner blogger and as you start gaining experience in this field you can go for higher pays. Remember money should not be the first criteria if you want to start as a freelancer, gain the trust of your customer first and then you can charge from them as you like.

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These were some of the ways you can make money blogging as a beginner. If you wish to know more about how to make money through blogging and other platforms then subscribe to our daily newsletter.