Network Marketing in 2021. Join or not?

network marketing people

Network Marketing in 2021, should you join or not is the main discussion of our topic today. So basically there are many myths about network marketing which we will talk about later in the article. Before discussing them you should know what is Network Marketing?

What is Network Marketing?

network marketing people

Network Marketing is also known as Multi-Level Marketing is a chain, pyramid or you can say generation plan where you are recruited as a distributor for the company as a down-line and are paid according to their compensation plan. Here the consumers are directly connected with the manufacturer eliminating the old traditional marketing. According to “The History of Network Marketing” it was first discovered by Carl Rehnberg in the year 1939 which led to his first direct-selling company by the name California Vitamins. In 1945 in order to increase his sales, Carl invented the MLM system which gained high popularity and high returns in profit.

According to sources many illegal companies were involved in scams or fraud because of which network marketing is considered to be an illegal field or fraud. But there are some companies which provide good compensation plans through which many were benefited. But about 91% fail in MLM due to which many people consider it to be a scam.

How to know if a company is genuine or not?

Most of you must be wondering which company should you choose so that you don’t get scammed, well to answer that we have listed out some points to let you choose a genuine company if you really want to join or are thinking of joining network marketing.


personality development

When you consider joining a company, you should always lookout for the environment of that company, it should make you feel at ease, energetic, and happy. Basically, what we mean is that you should observe how their people are and how they connect to you when you meet them. Most of the genuine companies have built a good working environment and all of them consider each other their equals. The people and their environment of the company are something that should interest you so that they tend to attract you to join them and give you a good motivation in life. Some of the points that you should consider are their working culture and how the leaders are towards you. You may become fond of a person but it should be the teamwork that should bind you.


If a company doesn’t have any personality development program and all they talk about is how big money you make or you can get rich overnight or within a month, well let’s be honest no company can make you rich overnight, you have to hustle and bustle nothing comes easy. So, if you come across such a company run fast as you can and don’t look back as they are not genuine.

Most genuine companies have their own skillĀ  development program where you learn values, character, principles, integrity, etc. If you really want to be a good network marketer then you should always try to attain such personality development program as it is free in most companies and it will help you to become successful in life.


Most of the MLM companies have their own products and some company may collaborate with other companies. It is up to you to decide if the products are genuine or not, if not then you should definitely think before investing. Let’s be honest what will you do with the product if you do not like it and even if you are considering selling it there is no use as you may not be able to sell it for long term.

Bonus tip: Never sell any product that you yourself would never buy.



Most of the company have their own compensation plan through which you can earn money. There is some certain levels of commission plan that you need to achieve in order to start earning but the most basic would be, you would get a commission through the products that you purchased or sold. So, every month you have to purchase their product or you would be disqualified to earn any money. So if you like the plan you can consider of joining it.


  1. They teach you how to be a leader.
  2. They always stay motivated and create a positive environment.
  3. They respect each other.
  4. You gain knowledge.

Network Marketing in 2020?

So the main question of today’s article is Network marketing in 2021. Join or not? Well, there is high scope of network marketing in 2021 but you should also consider that not all succeed in MLM, almost about 91% of people fail in Network marketing. To simplify if you need network marketing in 2021, then we would say yes and no both. Why? Because we as we already mentioned not all achieve success through network marketing.

Hope it helped.

Even if you don’t succeed in MLM you will see great changes within yourself and it would make you feel good in every step in life. Even if you are not interested you should attain their skill development program and gain some knowledge.


  1. You don’t invest a lot of money, small investment with consistency can help.
  2. You can’t lose much if you invest time and money in it, it is a safe job.
  3. Here you can work at your will.
  4. It’s an open market.
  5. Here you can build more relations if you succeed.
  6. You receive respect.
  7. It’s a recurring revenue system and once you settle with good base money keeps coming.

We have listed out two points on why network marketing and why you should not join network marketing, do read it.

Here were the answers you were looking for, if you have any query please leave a comment below and share if you like it.



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