content marketing strategy
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7 steps to create the best content marketing strategy 2020.

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Content marketing is one of the best strategies to attract leads to your landing pages and make them aware of the best product you can offer and that are available on the market today. It is through content marketing that so many products are coming into public notice and generating sales to the owner. It has become a crucial strategy for many business owners who wish to develop or promote…

make money blogging for beginner
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8 Ways to make money blogging for beginners in 2020.

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Blogging is a great way to side hustle if you’re already making money through your jobs. Even if you’re a beginner who has no income can still opt for blogging because it is one of the best ways to make money online. Though it takes time to actually see some tractions on your site to make money through blogging. There are some other ways through which you can make money…

importance of digital marketing
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8 types of Digital Marketing Strategies

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Its won’t be wrong to say that nowadays most of the marketing is digital. Business observe where potential and target customer spend their time and then plan a marketing strategy according to that. But before jumping to the different types of digital marketing strategies lets first know what is the meaning of a digital marketing strategy. What is a Digital Marketing Strategy? A digital marketing strategy is a blueprint and…

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Top 4 best free blogging platforms to start blogging.

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Blogging is a great way to express yourself or your knowledge on the internet and make money through it. But choosing the best platforms is the real deal that most people are failing to do. There are many platforms where you can start your own blogging website but I’m guessing you don’t know the exact which one should you choose to start writing content to generate money.   Top 4…

how to create a blog
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How to Create a Blog? BLOGGING GUIDE

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How to create a blog in 2020? Well, creating a blog in 2020 is easier than it seems.  There are several reasons of creating a blog. If you are a beginner and still in doubt off whether to create a blog or not. Read the Reasons to start a Blog in 2020. Steps to Learn how to create a blog: 1. Choose a Topic. One of the first steps to learn…

richest country in the world
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10 Richest countries in the world,2020 and its not U.S.

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According to International Monetary Fund (IMF), We have listed out the top 10 richest countries in the world  on the basis of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) which is calculated from Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) because PPP calculation gives a more detailed review of a country’s living standard as well as the inflation rate within a country. The national wealth of a country is generally measured with nominal GDP and savings…

blog as a writer
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8 Amazing Reasons to Blog as a Writer.

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Isn’t blog, blogging and bloggers are the terms we hear every day. And the most common questions that arise in the mind of a writer is “Should I start a blog?”, “Will blogging help me in my career?”, “Why should I start blogging?”. So, here are the answers to your questions. I have listed 8 reasons why you should Blog as a writer: 1. Become a published author. The publishing…

quotes on life happiness
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40 Unique QUOTES on life Happiness, 2020.

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  Happiness keeps us warm and happy in our lives. We all seek happiness in one way or the other. We seek happiness in every TV shows, ads, but what we don’t realize is that what we see is not what the reality is. Now what it means is that whatever we see on social media or on T.V. is not real, the reality is quite the opposite. Happiness is…

must read books of all time
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10 Best must read books of all time, 2020

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Books are a great way to keep your mind working and learning new things from experienced authors. I started reading two years back when I started my own business. Reading various books teaches you to be more patients, increases empathy, and your knowledge. So, I highly recommend people to read books regularly. It doesn’t matter what book you read, all that matters is that you read them regularly. Researchers say…

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22 Productive things to do when bored.

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Everyone gets bored sometimes. Being bored is not fun. Boredom can be a very good distractor and can lead to the temptation of taking a nap and chilling. But there are several things more productive than taking a nap or chilling. Here is our list of, 22 Productive things you can do when bored   1. Learn a new language. Learning a new language is super productive and beneficial for…