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Is making to do lists and taking several espresso shots not boosting your productivity? It might be because productivity is more than making to do lists and doing more work. It is more of focusing on the efficiency of an individual in a specific period. Here is our list of 9 Amazing ways to boost your Productivity? 1. Stop Multitasking. 2. Set Priorities. 3. Follow the “two minute rule”. 4. Take regular breaks. 5. Cut your to-do list. 6. Set a morning ritual. 7. Do the toughest task first. 8. Create a system. 9. Productivity is different than busyness.

1. Stop Multitasking.

please wait Multitasking reduces productivity a lot. It stresses daily life and negatively affects your mood, motivation and productivity. Because you can’t focus on anything. You have less concentration on what you are doing while multitasking. More tasks and less concentration leads to more mistakes, as your mind is divided and you feel anxious. So, stop multitasking, stop changing tasks, focus on one task at a time.

2. Set Priorities.

Setting priorities helps in maintaining a clear focus on what is most important. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Set priorities because it will keep you away from distractions and will keep you on track. Stay away from distractions. Know what work is important and good for you and needs your attention at the moment. Then focus on that first and don’t compromise in that.

3. Follow the “two minute rule”.

please wait. The “two-minute rule” by David Allen states that if something will take two minutes or less to complete, so it now. Don’t add it off to your to-do list and don’t put it to do later. By putting it on your to-do list or by delaying it, you are just adding on to your burden and stress. It will distract you.

4. Take regular breaks.

This might sound counter-intuitive. But taking breaks actually boosts the productivity of an individual. You can’t expect to be creative by working and sitting on your desk during your working hours. Because your brain doesn’t work that way. Taking breaks reduces stress, mental as well as physical. It boosts the productivity as you gain focus and energy by taking breaks.

5. Cut your to-do list.

loading Are you someone who make a long to-do list of every single task you should do in a day, to feel a sense of accomplishment while doing the smallest task first an cutting off something on your list. While, the important tasks  always left unchecked. This point is for you. Cut your to-do list, because it will stress you out as you are never checking everything on the list. You are just wasting time. It is there to for you and your business, not to make you feel overwhelmed. So, set priorities for the next day, don’t write down every small task just to feel the sense of accomplishment, fix the time to complete the activities. That’s the write way to make a to-do list.

6. Set a Morning Routine.

productivity Control your morning rather than letting your schedule control your day. Setting a morning routine helps us start each day fresh, stay focused and increases our productivity. So, set a morning routine. Wake up early to have time to start your day with exercise, having a healthy breakfast, avoiding screen time in the morning, setting goals, making to-do lists, cleaning workspace and so on.

7. Do the toughest task first.

Don’t we all once think like “I should complete the easy work first, so that I have at least something that we have accomplished. Like studying my favorite or easiest subject first, I will do the tough one later.” And that later comes very late or never or at the very last moment. Because once we hop on the cycle of procrastination it takes a lot of time. So, do the toughest task first, because it needs more energy and focus.

8. Create a system.

By a system we mean a productivity system. A productivity system means the way you manage your day and how you use your time to stay productive and get things done. It includes the strategies, tactics and methods that you use to boost your productivity. To make a system you first need to know what you want, what are your goals, create a plan, use various methods, act upon them and revise your system.

9. Productivity is different than busyness.

Many people fail to understand this and confuse productivity with busyness. Being busy is about hard work and perfectionism whereas, being production means the smart work, efficiency, and the purpose. Sometimes we are just busy with lots of work and not getting any results, we are just wasting our time, money and energy. Instead of that follow the above steps to be productive and boost your productivity rather than being busy. That’s all with our ways of boosting productivity. Leave your comment to let us know if we missed any. RELATED: How to stop procrastination? Short and detailed guide.