Qualities of a leader
Qualities of a leader. Anyone can be a boss but not a leader specially a great one. Whether we talk about your journey in the corporate  world or in business, we need a great leader. In business/career we face many tough situations and we need to have the qualities of a leader to face and solve those situations and lead our people. Here are the key qualities of a great leader. “Leadership is not the position or title. It is the action and example.”

Qualities Of A Leader:

1. Communicator. 2. Honesty. 3. Delegation. 4. Confident. 5. Innovative and Creative. 6. Commitment. 7. Empathy. 8. Optimism. 9. Focus. 10. Enthusiasm. 11. Inspiration. 12. Responsibility 13. Accountability

1. Communicator

A leader needs to be a good communicator. He should be able to convey his vision, objectives, goals, thoughts and ideas to his team. If you are not able to communicate well how come your team know what do you want. The same goes for listening. Communication is not a one way process, it includes both: speaking & listening. A good leader listens to his team to know their ideas and thoughts. The quality of communication in a leader creates the feeling of satisfaction among the people.

2. Honesty

In leadership honesty is considered as positivity and integrity. A leader should be honest with his followers and team to build trust and legitimacy. Honesty is an ethic that is must for a leader. They should be clear about there visions, their expectations, their flaws to their team to build a good relationship. Then only you can move successfully as a team.

3. Delegation

delegation Delegation is a ladder in the work process. It has two legs: responsibility and authority. So, a leader should know how to delegate both. By delegating responsibilities, you are giving work to your team of what should be done by them. And it will save lot of your time to do other work. Whereas by giving authority to them with responsibility you are showing  your trust. It boosts the relationships of the team. So, delegate the responsibility and authority in your team for amazing results.

4. Confident

confident Confidence is a very important one among the qualities of a leader. He needs to be confident in what he is doing, only then other people will feel confident about it. If the leader himself is not confident how will his team believe in him. But don’t get too confident that you became overconfident, but at least reflect the amount of confidence that is required for it.

5. Innovative and creative.

creative ” Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” We think from the above quote the difference between a leader and a follower is clear. A leader always thinks out of the box to come up with new ideas and inventions. Innovation and creativity will make your team stand out. So, as a leader you should always be ready to innovate new products, services, ideas, approaches, etc.

6. Commitment

As leaders you must be committed to your vision. Because people are inspired and influenced by you before your vision. So, be true and committed to your vision. If you want to change the world, you need to stick to that thought to actually change the world.  You are leader because of your commitment and actions instead of your mere talk. Your commitment makes you different from other persons.

7. Empathy

empathy Empathy means the skill of understanding and recognizing other people’s feelings and thoughts. A can leader motivates and influence people only when he knows how they feel and think. You can only lead your team together when you know what there thoughts are. You cannot work with someone who you don’t know. As a leader focus on understanding your followers/team and respect their thoughts as well.

8. Optimism

optimism Being optimistic is very important among the qualities of a leader. If you are optimistic then you envision a better tomorrow irrespective of today. You see positivity in every situation. An optimistic leader does not allow his people to stay in the dark and negativity. He sees opportunities in things and believes that he can change the world.

9. Focus

focus. qualities of a leader Focus in leadership does not only mean focusing on your vision or goal. It includes three fields:self(inner), people(other) and system(outer). You should focus on all three of them to be a great leader. Know what you want, what you think,, what are your goals. Then focus on what people around you want or think. Then at last focus on the whole system what it thinks, what it needs, what are you going to do about it. That’s what a great leader does.

10. Enthusiasm

enthusiasm. qualities of a leader ” Your energy and enjoyment, drive and dedication, will stimulate and greatly inspire others.” Enthusiasm goes hand in hand with passion. Successful leaders do what they love or the other way around, they love what they do. They are always excited about what they are doing. Enthusiasm spreads positivity and inspire people.

11. Inspiration

” If your action inspire others to dream, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” Persuading others is a tough job but it is easy if you can inspire others. During tough times people will look on your experience of how you went through it, how you react to it. So stay calm under pressure because it your followers will learn from your experience. They will be inspired by you.

12. Responsibility

Taking responsibility as a leader is important for your team. You should hold the responsibility for your actions, mistakes and failures instead of ignoring them or blaming someone else, just because you have the power to do it. And sometimes you have to the responsibility of things for the betterment of your team. A leader should know what is to be done and when.

13. Accountability

” Having authority implies accountability. If you reject the blame for failures under your watch, people reject your leadership.”  By accountability I don’t mean that you should put the blame on others. It just mean that you should make clear what you should do and what others should do. As a leader make a balance between responsibility and accountability. If your team is not doing something right tell them their mistakes and help them fix it. Whereas, if they did something right then pat their back and praise them. That’s all with the qualities of a leader. Leave your comment for any queries. RELATED:10 ways to be Rich in 2020, Millionaire’s Secret.