Freelancing offers independence, autonomy, flexibility and ultimate financial potentials. That’s why  some people leave their nine to five jobs or choose to work as a freelancer. So here is everything you need to know about freelancing. In this article I will cover – 1 What is freelancing? 2 Who is a freelancer? 3 Pros and Cons of freelancing. 4 How to be a freelancer?

What is Freelancing?

It is a contract based profession where you use your skills & experience to provide services to number of clients. It is about working for multiple clients without committing to an employer.

Who is a Freelancer?

Freelancer is a self employed person who earns money by providing service to various clients. They are employed continuously  but are hired for a specific job for a  specific period( special assignment). please wait

Pros of Freelancing.

1. Freedom and flexibility with schedule, hours, location and clients. 2. Complete freedom of choosing who you want to work with. 3. You are pursuing/ following your passion. 4. In freelancing you are free from office politics. 5. Freelancing provides an unlimited earning potential. You can earn from various projects and clients. And you can have multiple source of incomes while working as a freelancer. 6. Freelancers can control their workload. They can decide when they want to work and what work should be prioritized. They can also take breaks from work whenever they want. 7. Freelancers has a variety of options to choose the work, clients, jobs. Normal corporate job will always offer them a certain type of work and it is limited. Whereas freelancing offers an amazing exposure to new clients, new work, variety, new experience every time . 8. Finding work as a freelancer is easy once you have built your contacts and networks in the market.

Cons of Freelancing

1. Freelancers can feel bit lonely and isolated. 2. They have to look for gigs 24*7. 3. As freelancers has multiple clients, they have to answer to all of them. 4. In freelancing their is no paid time off. If you take a day off you won’t be getting paid for it like a corporate job. 5. The cash flow and work is inconsistent in the beginning. 6. Freelancers has no backup. 7. As a freelancer you have to run all aspects yourself whether its sales, marketing or finance. 8. The working structure could be unfocused and unorganized. You have to handle it on your own. 9. In freelancing you won’t receive any other benefits that a employee would enjoy.

How to be a Freelancer?

1. Know whether it is for you not.

Freelancing requires lots of discipline, there would be no paid off, you have to maintain a daily work routine. Which is not everyone can do. So know whether you can do it or not. Will you be okay to have no paid off leave? Are you ready for having inconsistent cash flow. So, our advice is if you are still doing a job then don’t quit it immediately. Instead, combine freelancing and your job till you have a good base, enough clients and connections to support you.

2. Choose a platform and find work

The most important and tough task of being a freelancer is finding work. For finding work you need a platform. There are many online as well as offline platforms that provide work to freelancers. Choose the right platform for yourself based on the exposure, clients, commission and everything. Also Check: 15 Best Freelance Websites to find work in 2020

3. Build your profile.

It’s not a typical CV but a pre-designed template that you need to fill out with your information. Take time to inform clients about your education, qualifications, skills, expertise, experience and price. It is what will get to work, so make it as good as you can.

4. Create Network.

freelancing Creating networks as a freelancer is very important. It will mark your presence in your industry and will give you exposure to knowledge, people, clients, and jobs. So, create your contacts and network. They will also help in maintaining a support system and base in the industry.

5. Set the Price.

please wait Fixing the price for you services is bit tricky and confusing the beginning. Because there are no fixed charts for how much you should charge. You get paid for whatever you are offering. So, don’t set a price that seem too high and overboard for your services and even don’t settle for the price that is too less for your service and is not covering your expenses. So, be practical and clear about the price. Related:Qualities of a successful person