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What is Google Knowledge Graph?

Google launched its own knowledge graph on 12 May 2012, after the successful launch of Schema Markup which was founded by Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Yandex. It is similar to schema markup but it is Google’s own stored data to find the best-related data quickly and effectively on the search result (SERP). Now what is Google Knowledge Graph, it is basically a database of billions of facts, people, places, etc that Google store in their knowledge graph to provide information to users fast and easy. google knowledge graph Everyone must have once seen how Google knowledge graph works, Google shows the information on the search engine directly to the viewers without the need to click on any site like when you search for the term, How tall is Eiffel Tower, or When did the first world war started, etc. The information was presented by Google in form of infobox to the end-users on the right side of the search result when it was first launched by Google in 2012. This turned out to be a huge success and Google gained over 18 billion facts on 570 million entities. Google claimed to obtain all this information from CIA World Factbook, Wikipedia, Wikidata, etc. Currently, Google has over 500 billion facts on various entities and it is also used to answer voice queries on Google Assistant and Google home queries to provide easy automated voice information to users.

Why you should take advantage of Google Knowledge Graph.

  Google knowledge graph can help your business to get exposure to the world and help you to stand out from the rest of the business. You can create your own brand identity through Google knowledge Graph and they would suggest your site or product if they find it to be a genuine one. But remember that Google won’t recommend your site just because you have optimized it to be on the Google search ranking. The brand of your company must be on the internet recommended by another brand or any other social media platform or news platform where your brand is discussed. Try to create a link or backlink through which Google can understand what your brand represents and they can recommend your brand or site to the selected niche. This could be hard for you at first as many site owners or an entity may not recommend your brand or site to Google, make them understand the value that your company is providing to them and to people. It could help you in some way to establish yourself as a brand or an entity. google knowledge graph If you see the image above, many brand owners like Moz, Ahrefs, SEMrush, etc. have established themselves as an entity and Google recommends them when you type on the SERP for SEO tools list. Google recommend them because they have established themselves over the year to form as an entity. The other way that you can promote your brand through Google Knowledge Graph is Schema Markup which is structured data that are done through HTML coding. If you want to know more about Schema Markup then you can go through our page about Schema Markup or you can click on the link. It is very useful for SEOs to rank on the Google SERP or any other search engine and be in the top 10 list of search engines. You can also opt for Wikipedia or Wikidata where you can create your profile on the website because Google Knowledge Graph’s information largely comes from these two sources which helped Google to understand the facts and information about any business, places, or things. So, if you’re looking for an opportunity to rank up your site on Google then we would recommend you to optimize your site or brand for Google to increase your traffic or your sales. This could help your reputation to grow on the internet.