jiomeet app

Recently Reliance Jio launched a video conferencing app called jiomeet  in India to let people connect and arrange an meeting online with clients or employees. Due to pandemic many businesses have seen loses because of which many people have loss their jobs .

Jiomeet was released with the view of helping such businesses to connect people with their employees or to connect with anyone for arranging meetings .

Though google meet and Zoom were already there but Jiomeet offers more convenient use , we’ll discuss the differences later in the topic.

It is a very strategic move by Reliance Jio launched the app just when the whole country banned the use of Chinese products

It very quickly received a very warm appreciation by the users for launching the app .

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Features :

Though the new Jio meet UI is quiet similar to Zoom UI which a disappointing thing but the plus is it is a little more convenient to use compared to its rival.

Some of the features you get are listed below

1)It supports Web support where you don’t require to download the app and join any meeting with ease .

2)B2B where you can connect to your customers , partners with ease.

3)You can join from any platform .

4)You don’t need to scheduled your meeting and can instant schedule your meeting .


jiomeet app
Start New Meeting

Join a Meeting

Plan a Meeting

Share Screen

This were some features of jio meet, you can find them on the home page, here you can start a meeting and be the host by clicking on the Start New Meeting option where you invite 100 of people and have the complete control Over the process  . The jiomeet app is available in both IOS and Android Playstore and available for both PC and Laptops user.

Jio Meet Details and Plan:

Currently more than 1 million+ people have downloaded jio meet app and is rated 4.2 in Playstore 4.6 in IOS

It is absolutely free to download from any platform and no money is charged for it.

In recent time google also made google meet free for all premium user  with gmail account where 100 people connect to it in a single meeting conducted.


Though both are very similar to use but the only difference comes to its user convenient where Jiomeet has some advantage over Zoom .

Also Jio meet app is 100% Indian origin so you can always be a vocal for local while zoom came into many controversies regarding being a Chinese app .

Privacy in JIo meet app is absolutely secured and no third party can collect your information while in Zoom all your privacy are shared with third party and be influenced anytime.

Both app offer free registration and free download.


How to use Jio Meet :
jiomeet app

It is quiet easy to use jiomeet app ,you just need to sign up if you are a new user and enter your details and agree there terms and condition after which you would be

taken to their home page where you can start a meeting or scheduled it to specific time and date.

It  can also used to join a meeting without even signing up if you are not interested .

If you already used Zoom app it’ll not be difficult task to use as they are almost identical to each other .

Drawbacks :

The only drawbacks would be it is a new app and its voice quality is quiet low compared to zoom and also we need a new UI , just stop copying other apps . As an Indian we need something new  and unique not the same copied version of zoom. Otherwise it is a good app to use.

Settings :

Here you get your basic profile setting where you can add your names , Department , Job Title,  and location.

Below profile you can edit the meeting settings and also find the About sections where you get the FAQ , rating , and privacy policy.