Motivation is the willingness and desire to make changes, to take actions and to move towards our goals. It is an internal process of changing. Motivation is about making various changes within self or the people surrounding. It is an energized  and persistent goal oriented behavior. When we are motivated we move and take actions. The reason for us to wake up in the morning, sleeping at night, talking, studying, working, exercising and all of it is motivation. You wouldn’t be reading this article if we were not motivated enough to write or formatting this platform. The meaning of motivation is this simple.

Importance of motivation

motivation Everybody is different but one of the common aspect of humans is that we all have a purpose to serve. To serve that purpose we need motivation so that we move towards it. If you are still not motivated or don’t know the meaning of motivation. So, here a re 6 reasons telling you what is the importance of motivation.

1.Motivation required to achieve our goal.

When you are motivated we want to change or push ourselves to change. You have desire to change your habits, behaviors, lifestyle, life, etc. That change you want or the result of that change is your goal. And motivation helps you see your goal clearly and will push you towards it.

2.It builds perseverance.

Failure, mistakes and setbacks all are the part of our journey to success. It gives us the zeal to learn from our mistakes. It gives us the power to do not give up (perseverance). If you failed 100 times and you are still 101th time them that is the power of motivation which is not letting you give up.

3.Motivation helps in setting priorities.

It helps us set priorities and give importance to things that helps us achieve success. It helps us making routines and setting a lifestyle where we prioritize things that will help us complete our goals. If you are motivated to pass the exam it will clear in your mind that you have to prioritize your studies.

4.It increases energy levels.

When we are motivated our body is full of adrenaline which helps us complete the desired goal which leads to increased energy  level. You are likely to get less tired while working on a project you are really excited about. This is the proof that motivation increases your energy levels.

5. Builds self confidence.

It is very good for ones’ confidence. It makes us doubting ourselves and pushes to start working. When we achieve even a very small amount of success(eg, completion of blog post, passing a test, working out for a week) or accomplishment it boosts our self confidence, which motivates us for more. RELATED: 30 motivational quotes